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Parks and nature in Viljandi County

Top parks

“Most popular destination in Estonia for nature lovers around the world! Famous for fifth season in early spring when the flood is on for canoeing. Wildlife walks, swimming and berry picking with guides in the summer. Mushrooming in the autumn. Perfect for kicksledgeing, cross-skiing and skating in the winter. Secret romance spot for bonsai lovers all year round! ”
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Scenic Lookout
Public Art
“ The Rose Island offers a magnificent view of the Põltsamaa River and the fish ladder. It is also a great location for photographers.”
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“The rose garden exhibits 5000 rose plants and almost 1000 different rose varieties. During the excursion visitors will see various rose varieties, and they will learn about their history and legends and other interesting facts. Roses mostly bloom from the middle of June to the middle of September, depending on the weather.”
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