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Food and restaurants in Rio de Janeiro

Top restaurants

Japanese Restaurant
“Lapa is a neighborhood in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil. It is located in the centre of Rio and is famous for its historical monuments and nightlife. The neighborhood is home to the Arcos da Lapa, an impressive aqueduct constructed in the mid-18th century by colonial authorities. Another important historical attraction is the Passeio Público, the first public park of the city, built in the 1780s. Since the early 1950s, Lapa has been known for its lively cultural life where there is a concentration of many restaurants and bars where Brazilian artists and intellectuals would meet. It was, and still is, famous for its many restaurants, bars and clubs where the various forms of Brazilian music can be appreciated, like the Asa Branca bar and the Fundição Progresso. The Sala Cecília Meireles, an important venue for chamber music, is also located in Lapa. ”
  • 370 locals recommend
Music Venue
“A little expensive, and catering to tourists, but this place really is a MUST SEE for anyone that would like to see live Brazilian music of various styles in a beautiful setting. The club is in a historic building, several stories tall, with an incredible assortment of antiques for decoration.”
  • 322 locals recommend
Pastry Shop
“Outpost of Confeitaria Colombo located inside the Copacabana fort. Excellent coffee, pastries, snacks and light lunch. And a view!”
  • 241 locals recommend
“Sit outside on the “wall” for a cold year and “pastel”! Inside may be quite cramped depending on the day...”
  • 236 locals recommend
Dive Bar
“It doesn’t get more carioca than this place. Located in a charming street near the beach, it serves great local food combined with great atmosphere. Definitely recommend!”
  • 180 locals recommend
“Try Patanisca and or Pastel with a cold beer! This is a local bar, full of people standing on the street!”
  • 173 locals recommend
Sushi Restaurant
“Great sushi, and a scene to see and be seen. Be ready to wait outside in line, always packed every day of the week. Order a drink while you wait. ”
  • 162 locals recommend
“Despite the fact that most of the patrons are “gringos”, serves excellent food with typical Brazilian ingredients. Drinks are also good, as are the vegetarian alternatives. Very cool atmosphere.”
  • 131 locals recommend


Coffee Shop
“My favorite place to drink a strong coffee with a melt in your mouth BROA DE MILHO( corn meal roll, crusty on the outside and soft inside). ”
  • 65 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Esse Starbucks fica muito perto do apê e oferece um espaço bastante aconchegante. Para quem gosta dessa rede, é uma grande comodidade poder simplesmente atravessar a rua e curtir um café.”
  • 49 locals recommend
Juice Bar
“For those looking for a healthy option, Bibi Sucos offers fruit juices, grilled meats and salads, tons of them. Plus the Açaí is famous here. Check it out. It's located 2 blocks from the apt. ”
  • 82 locals recommend
Sandwich Place
“The best "Casa de suco" in Rio. Get their Pastel (Meat is the carioca`s favorite) with their acai. Open until 3am, cariocas love this place.”
  • 101 locals recommend
“Great place to eat a nice pizza or a pasta or even to grab a sandwich in the middle of the night. It's located 3 blocks north of the apt at the same Nossa Senhora de Copacabana Avenue. ”
  • 77 locals recommend
Dentist's Office
“This coffee-shop chain sells breakfast baskets, cookies, cakes & more in a charming, rustic setting”
  • 53 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Presente nas principais cidades do mundo, não poderia deixar de ter um em Ipanema. Ponto de encontro de turistas e de cariocas descolados.”
  • 24 locals recommend
“We are a Café and Deli in Laranjeiras, in the heart of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2008 we serve breakfast, special sandwiches, wines, sweets, lunch and so on. All to the sound of good jazz or bossa nova. Oh, we have a children's area that kids love - and parents too ... We are partygoers and experts at parties and coffee breaks, with tasty sandwiches, quiches, salads, cakes, pies and other delicious things.”
  • 53 locals recommend


Pastry Shop
“Outpost of Confeitaria Colombo located inside the Copacabana fort. Excellent coffee, pastries, snacks and light lunch. And a view!”
  • 241 locals recommend
“Great place to buy bread, cheese and cold cuts. Also great option for breakfast.”
  • 142 locals recommend
“Muitas opções no cardápio. A mais completa da região. [ES] Muchas opciones en el menú. La más completa de la región. [EN] Lots of choices on the menu. The most complete in the region. ”
  • 57 locals recommend
“Great place for breakfast! Nice snacks and sweets and jewish cousine speciallities.”
  • 59 locals recommend
“In my opinion, the best bread in Rio. There is one inside the Botanic Garden and another one in Pacheco Leão Street, very close. A great place to have a breakfast, tea/coffee or a quick meal when visitng the Botaniz Garden.”
  • 63 locals recommend
“Nada melhor que um pãozinho quentinho logo cedo. É ao mesmo tempo padaria, lanchonete e restaurante. Possui uma imensa diversificação de pães, biscoitos, doces, lanches, sucos, pratos rápidos, pizza etc.”
  • 32 locals recommend
“Best place for a nice relaxing breakfast with Coffee, Milk, cold cuts, cakes, brazilian flavor and Omeletes. Give it a try while in Copacabana. Very good service too! ”
  • 34 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“⭐️ A house favourite. It’s a counter where you can buy fresh take-away pasta. Early beach + Veronese’s lasagna ( + nap) is a winner Sunday combo. ”
  • 26 locals recommend