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Best things to do in Saint Georg

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Art Museum
“One of the largest museums in Germany with art collections covering seven centuries of European art, from the Middle Ages to the present day!”
60 locals recommend
“It´s just around the corner from Hauptbahnhof. They have a few exhibitions at the same time. You pay one price and can visit all.”
52 locals recommend
Movie Theater
“The Savoy shows original english version movies three times a day. It has very comfortable chairs. Go early and have a doner/kebap before in any of the millions of eateries along Steindamm. ”
38 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“International contemporary art and photography, 10 minutes walk from main station.”
39 locals recommend
“One of the best cakes in town but be patient - most of the time there is a waiting line. Also good for late breakfast (until 4pm). ”
38 locals recommend
“famous Bar in St George Lange Reihe. Very down to earth German food. Big portion and good prices and beer. ”
38 locals recommend
“Bus number 6, driving to the city, there is the biggest shopping area at hamburg.”
31 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Highlights of the collection are medieval altars of Master Bertram and Master Francke, paintings by Dutch artists of the 17th century, masterpieces of German Romanticism, Impressionism and classic Modernism, as well as international contemporary art.”
14 locals recommend
“Das Deutsche Schauspielhaus ist ein ehrwürdiges, wunderschönes Gebäude indem starke Schauspieler von großen Regisseuren, wie zum Beispiel aktuell: Castorf, inszeniert werden. Lieblingsstücke: Rose Bernd (dramatisch) und Die Schule der Frauen (komödiantisch). ”
24 locals recommend
Convenience Store
“Used to be a Wal Mart. So you can buy pretty much everything there - from groceries to underwear, kitchen supplies up to motor oil.”
18 locals recommend
“Der Hauptbahnhof ist wenige Fußminuten entfernt. Von hier fahren S-Bahnen in unter 30 Minuten direkt in den Flughafen. Außerdem kann man hier 7 Tage die Woche einkaufen. ”
10 locals recommend
Vietnamese Restaurant
“Fantastisches vietnamesisches Restaurant. Machen leider relativ früh zu. (Mo-Fr: 21.00 Uhr und Sa-So: 21:30 Uhr) €€ Awesome vietnamese restaurant. Sadly closing a bit early. (Mo-Fr: 21.00 h and Sa-Su: 21:30 h)”
20 locals recommend
Indian Restaurant
“Very good Indian. its a bit of a scruffy place in a scruffy street. But the food is really good as well as the prices.”
15 locals recommend
Gourmet Shop
“Great for breakfast and lunch! Very high quality and lot's of regional products from Germany and Hamburg. ”
13 locals recommend
Metro Station
“If you are into shopping, start off from the exit of Hauptbahnhof to go to Möncebergstraße to enjoy great shopping.”
79 locals recommend
French Restaurant
“Nice classy atmosphere, excellent kitchen, not low budget but worth it. Recommended to stay longer.”
14 locals recommend