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Sightseeing in Southern District

General Travel
“Escalator collecting Central MTR station to Mid Level area. Passby Tai Kwun and Soho area.”
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Historic Site
“(中文:藍屋建築群由藍屋、黃屋及橙屋這三幢特色歷史建築組成,是來香港必到之地。您還可以到黃屋內的「香港故事館」參觀,認識香港獨有的建築特色。)The Blue House cluster – three 20th century shophouse blocks in Wan Chai – was given the Award of Excellence, the highest level in four categories, in this year’s Unesco Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. In harmonious style with the neighbouring Green House, Yellow Street and Orange House, the Blue House was painted in sheer briliant blue.”
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Monument / Landmark
“The Peak is a must see in HK. One of the best way to enjoy it is to walk along the morning trail. (Don't look for the top of the mount there won't be anything to see except antennas).”
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Shopping Mall
“Don't take the tram up. Waste of time/money. Just hike up (via morning trail, old peak road, or Pok Fu Lam reservoir). Else take a cab up which sets you back max 100 HKD. But you avoid a queue of over an hour for a boring ride up.”
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Historic Site
“For any surf/ waves when it's a little stormy. Small beach, can get crowded though. Right next to Shek O.”
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Historic Site
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Historic Site
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“Amazing view from the 43th floor, for free. Don't forget to bring your passport to be allowed to enter.”
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