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Best things to do in Sofia Province

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“This Cathedral is the symbol of Sofia. It is beautiful, majestic and emblematic for our town and its people. The history and the characteristics of this place are fascinating - strongly recommend reading about it or finding a skilled guide to acquaint you. Make sure to let yourself immerse in the powerful energy of this Holy place. It is a must visit!”
96 locals recommend
“Located at the heart of Sofia, national theatre ‘’Ivan Vazov’’ is one of the best places to chill after you finish exploring the city during the day. I highly recommend going there later in the day and enjoy yourself a beer with friends. If you are keen on plays you can check if there is one on the theatre’s website. It’s easy to reach – next to metro station Serdika. ”
57 locals recommend
“Boris's Garden is the largest park in Sofia. First, the park is called the Nursery, later called Pipiniere. Until 1885 the park is also popular as the Tsarigradska garden. After the birth of the Crown Prince Boris Tarnovski was renamed the Knyaz Borisova Garden. Under the totalitarian regime (1944-1989) the name was changed to Park of Freedom. Following the democratization of the country, the park was again named Boris III.”
53 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“One of the best malls around with cinema, playgrounds, lots of food and shop establishments, cafes, shisha bar and the like. Keep in mind it is very crowded on weekends.”
36 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“The Mall has 210 shops that handle both Bulgarian and international brands of clothes, shoes, sports goods and more. There is also a grocery store there. There are separate large dining areas. No movie theater. Address: 48 Sitnyakovo Boulevard”
29 locals recommend
“You will be surprised how green Sofia is. Large parks and smaller green areas are one of Sofia’s great advantages. Make sure to enjoy at least a couple of hours walking around Geo Milev park, South Park or Borisova Garden (Sofia’s largest park). ”
39 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“The nearest shopping center. You can find any kind of clothes and shoes of brands like Bershka, Reserved, H@M, ZARA, after a long day you can have nice dinner in Happy restaurant and relax with one movie in I-max cinema. ”
34 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“If you want to escape the pace of the city you can go to Mount Vitosha, whose peak is visible from multiple spots in the city. Here you can enjoy a hike through the forested slopes or rocky peaks, and even go rock climbing if active pursuits are a thing for you.”
28 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“National Art Gallery exhibits one the best masterpieces from Bulgarian artists”
23 locals recommend
Convention Center
“The National Palace of Culture (Национален дворец на културата, Natsionalen dvorets na kulturata; abbreviated as НДК, NDK), located in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is the largest, multifunctional conference and exhibition centre in south-eastern Europe. It was opened in 1981 in celebration of Bulgaria's 1300th anniversary. ”
31 locals recommend
“Step back in time at Raketa, a restaurant that teasingly harkens back to the era of socialism in Bulgaria with its Communist memorabilia and other retro decor. You'll want to explore the extensive selection of rakia, a traditional Balkan spirit similar to brandy. Take recommendations from your server if you feel overwhelmed, and perhaps stumble over to Sputnik next door afterwards to continue the night with some offbeat, unique cocktails. Reservations recommended.”
39 locals recommend
“The best garden in Sofia. The place offers excellent cocktails and delicious appetizers”
29 locals recommend
“"Zaimov" is a park in Sofia, named after General Vladimir Zaimov. Sofia Drama Theater, Sfumato Theatrical Workshop and Regional Health Center are located in the park.”
17 locals recommend
“Located near the centre of Sofia, ‘’Borisova Garden’’ is a unique place to spend an afternoon with your friends or beloved one. Be it chilling on the grass, walking around or even making a picnic it will surely make you feel at ease and enjoy your time there. You can find it next to Eagle’s bridge. ”
20 locals recommend
“Literally the restaurant is hosted by a beautiful, a 140 years old, blue house. For me, every time I walk into their little cosy garden or enter in one of their rooms is like going inside a fairy-tale - a promise of mysterious story or a hidden secret. As if Tim Burton was hired to do the interior, almost animated, but at the same time arty and retro. I can't explain the food there, except for one word - tasty! It is a mixture of what you think you know, but find out you had no idea. The menu is short and seasonal and totally affordable. It has just a pinch of the pretentiousness of a fancy restaurant sprinkled over wholesome meals and full plates. Do not miss!”
33 locals recommend
History Museum
“This one is a little bit further away from the city center, but totally worth the visit. It’s also where you’ll find some of Bulgaria’s most impressive golden treasures”
26 locals recommend