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Shopping in California

Top shops

Sandwich Place
“The best sandwich I have ever had. If you are heading to Three Rivers to visit Sequoia National Park, this is a definite must-stop for high quality, fresh food. ”
  • 20 locals recommend
Dessert Shop
“Homemade candy, homemade ice cream, a must-stop going to or from Sequoia National Park.”
  • 20 locals recommend
Liquor Store
“Breakfast everyday! Taco night, pizza night. Beer and wine tasting. Souvenirs. Ice, snacks. Snow chains for winter mountain travel. ”
  • 7 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Morning jolt. Cold drinks too. Lots of snacks and other indulgences. Within a mile of the guest cottage. ”
  • 6 locals recommend
“Home of the griddle donut and more. Tell them howdy from Riata Ranch when you are there.”
  • 2 locals recommend
Grocery or Supermarket
“This store carries organic produce, cheeses, milk, eggs, and other health foods. Located next to the Three Rivers Brewery they often provide food to eat in the back where the two stores merge outside to make a great place to eat, drink local products and enjoy the local people..”
  • 2 locals recommend
Home Goods Store
“Our buddy John owns this place and it is something just to see all of the neat things that he has in there. He's quite a historian too. Tell him we said hello.”
  • 2 locals recommend
  • 1 local recommends