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Parks & nature in Rome

“Situated at the top of Gianicolo Hill, the Fontana dell’Acqua Paola (more commonly referred to as the Gianicolo fountain) built in 1612 faces a picture perfect view of Rome. As the cascading streams run over white marble, be sure to revel in this fine moment of La Dolce Vita.”
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“Perfect for a walk. A visit to the "villa of owls" in the park. Perfetto per una passeggiata. Interessante la visita alla villa delle civette all'interno del parco.”
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“After the regional Park of the Appia ancient and Villa Doria Pamphilj, Villa Ada is the best! Villa Ada is the richest park in Rome from the standpoint of the fauna and the environment is: cypresses, pines and dwarf palm trees, but also a roller-skating track and facilities for jogging and physical exercises make it one of the most loved and visited parks of Romans.”
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“Parco naturale di Veio si estende su 14.984 ettari, a Nord di Roma tra la via Flaminia e la VIa Cassia e presenta un numero elevato di reperti archologici importantissimi di età etrusca e romana.. Riserva naturale della Marcigliana si trova a ridosso del Gande raccordo anularee di Roma, all'altezza dell'uscita Bufalotta si può osservare fauna locale: volpi, faine, donnoe,tassi e istrici. Il parco dei castelli romani. il parco naturale di Bracciano-Martignano- il parco dei Monti Simbruini, la riserva naturale del Lago di Vico. I giardini di Ninfa. Il parco di Villa gregoriana e villa d'Este. Il parco nazionale del Circeo ”
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“Rome's Non-Catholic Cemetery contains possibly the highest density of famous and important graves anywhere in the world. It is the final resting-place of the poets Shelley and Keats, of many painters, sculptors and authors, a number of scholars, several diplomats, Goethe's only son, and Antonio Gramsci, a founding father of European Communism, to name only a few.The Cemetery population is both exceptionally diverse and exceptionally rich in writers, painters, sculptors, historians, archaeologists, diplomats, scientists, architects and poets, many of international eminence. ”
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“Villa Sciarra Gardens with many rare plants, plus sculptural decoration taken from several Lombard villas. Amazing start for explore another beautiful district Monteverde Vecchio.”
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Border Crossing
“In May, 1,100 species of roses bloom in a triumph of colors and scents that make this place even more precious A garden which is already magical for its nature and location!”
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Scenic Lookout
“The most breathtaking view of the city up to the far hills in a green area where we can remember our Unity story, after many centuries when we were split into many states. It is a very nice walking, and there is a merry go round for kids as well and some other surprises. Every day at midday a cannon shots to tell everybody the correct time. (in the past there were not so many watches!). Wondeful at sunset.”
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“Inside Villa Doria Pamphili you can have a delicious lunch, surrounded by nature and away from the chaos of the city. You can sit at tables, or have a tasty picnic. For dinner you have to book.”
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“One of the best places of Rome. Lots of people don't know it. Search for Giolitti icecreams in Rome!”
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“There is a neighborhood of Rome immediately recognizable for its unique architectural style. The EUR is an urban complex designed and built since the 30s of the twentieth century, under the will of the dictator Mussolini.”
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“it is beautiful to take a walk around the park and have your aperitivo or breakfast in one of the bar around the place”
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“A big park where you can walk in the green, beside ancient roman ruins, relax or jog.”
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“Island of Tevere..Magic place...with an amazing bistrout Tiberino!Here u can relax at the square with an amazing food!”
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“Built between 1581-1588 this fountain is among the most beautiful in Rome, according to leggend duke Mattei built it in only one night to impress his future mother-in-low "in order marry her daughter"”
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“One of the most interesting Villas in Castelli Romani Area, you can visit the "Scuderie Aldobrandini" and during working days (Mon to Fri) you can also visit the private garden of the Villa ”
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