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Top shops

Concert Hall
“Our opera house. Ten minutes by foot. Beautiful glass building which is great just for sightseeing but also not so expensive compared to other opera houses if you feel like a concert or an opera. They have all kinds of concerts, so it's worth taking a look at their website.”
  • 234 locals recommend
“My favorite bakery <3. Many locations with amazing sourdough bread and baked goods. The cinnamon bons are to die for! Vegan options. All organic and amazing ”
  • 133 locals recommend
Ice Cream Shop
“Gelato! There's always a line and it's super-popular. Once they called out a ticket number and two people approached since more than 100 people were waiting.”
  • 118 locals recommend
“Very good quality bakery. A favourite of many. Great sandwiches and the best cakes. ”
  • 56 locals recommend
Ice Cream Shop
“Best ice cream in town. Our favorite is "bragðarefur" which is an ice cream blend with whatever you fancy. Our favorite mixture is luxury chocolate sauce (lúxus dýfa), bounty and þristur (a type of chocolate). It is perfect for sharing after a trip to the swimming pool. You will be asked about which type of ice cream you want. We recommend the "old icecream" (cold vanilla). The new version is more cream-based. ”
  • 62 locals recommend
Wine Shop
“The State Alcohol and Tobacco Company of Iceland (ÁTVR) is a monopoly in sales of alcohol in Iceland. Beware of the opening hours - open till 18 but closed on Sundays.”
  • 48 locals recommend
Clothing Store
“Geysir has three shops on Skólavörðustígur, for men, women and home. They have their own brand - but also sell many Scandinavian and French designers.”
  • 35 locals recommend
Grocery or Supermarket
“If you need a convenience store that is open 24 hours in a day, go here, but be reminded, prices are higher here than in Bonus, so try to get your food shopping done before 5-6 pm. ”
  • 58 locals recommend

Shopping malls

Shopping Mall
“Kringlan is the largest shopping mall in Reykjavík. Kringlan offers a wide variety of over 180 shops, a selection of places to eat and a range of services. At Kringlan you will find everything from a public library and a cinema to some of the finest fashion shops and restaurants in town. We are situated in the heart of Reykjavík, but don’t worry - there’s plenty of parking space Kringlan offers free rides from Reykjavik center to Kringlan on every hour from 10am - 5pm - Kringlan´s shuttle bus departures from Tourist information at City Hall.”
  • 112 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Smáralind is in a 5 min driving distance (20 min walking). One of our two biggest shopping malls. Smáralind has a varied selection of stores.”
  • 79 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Supermarket, look for a logo with pink piggy bank:-)(10 min) Monday-Thursday 11:00-18:30 Friday 10:00-19:30 Weekend 11:00-18:00”
  • 25 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Nice supermarket with a great value of fruits and vegetables. Best that you can chose from here in Iceland. ”
  • 9 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Nice mall which has about everything you'd need. From grocery stores (Bónus being the cheapest) to H&M, Hugo Boss and such.”
  • 10 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“BÓNUS STORE – A budget friendly grocery store, it has all essentials but don't expect to find any gourmet products there.”
  • 7 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Shopping center with Sushy restaurant, Saffran restaurant, stores, pharmacy, doctors, dentists etc... ”
  • 9 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Suðurver has a small grocery store, a drug store, a bakery, a laundry and a fried chicken take away place :)”
  • 8 locals recommend


Fish Market
“The best fish shop in town. Good selection of fresh fish and courses ready for the oven.”
  • 6 locals recommend
“24 hours open store, also nice Ice cream shop there, post office, bakery and pharmacy”
  • 25 locals recommend