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Best things to do in Reinickendorf

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“A wonderful big park. Very calm for such a big city. In the middle you have the Plötzensee where you can rent a boat or can go for a swim in the summer. ”
79 locals recommend
“A great place to eat with an eclectic style. Great burgers and food, but also good for a drink with a friend. ”
60 locals recommend
“If it's hot, there is a paddling pool for free. That's fun. Adress paddling pool: Dubliner Straße/Bristolstraße”
27 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“Hands down the best pizza in town just a few subway stops from our flat in Berlin's neighborhood by the name of Wedding (yep, nothing to do with marriage, just the name of this district of the city). Traditionally a working-class-neighborhood and a central home for Berlin's Turkish population, this restaurant is one of the examples of gentrification with students and hipsters moving in.”
41 locals recommend
“Great street in general- Many things to offer- restaurants, cafes, boutique shops, park, bars. Bike friendly”
46 locals recommend
Burger Joint
“Fast food, burger stand with some outdoors seating space. Burgers are really good, and prices are sweet!”
30 locals recommend
Indie Movie Theater
“Beautiful open air cinema in the middle of the national park for warm summer nights”
17 locals recommend
“Unpolished, dimed bar a bit hidden from the main road. You can get beer for 1,5€. How's that, eh?”
25 locals recommend
“Another cozy and usually full cafe. Nice seating outside aswell as inside. My friend once recommended me their potatoe salad.”
28 locals recommend
“Lovely and very special spot up in the Wedding .. sit inside an old Bus from berlin public transport system or around it and have lunch or dinner ! ”
30 locals recommend
Dive Bar
“An underground atmosphere, nice prices, Good selection of bottled beer. Important to mention that it could be a bit smokey if it's too crowded. (45 seconds walk)”
28 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“Best bathing spot in summertime. Jump on the U6 and just walk for a bit towards the lake. At the boat stop, keep right, cross the bridge and walk for another 15-20 mins until you find your favourite spot. No shortage of ice cream on the way to the lake :-D”
20 locals recommend
“Good organic supermarket for your everyday essentials (downstairs you also have a non-organic supermarket for even wider selection)”
13 locals recommend
Dance Studio
“Uferstudios is one of the melting pots of the free theater and performance scene of the city. Embedded into the old workshops of the public transport company BVG it consists of a string of studios that are either occupied by theater companies and directors or can be rented for shows or rehearsals. Most of the time there is some kind of program there, a festival, theater productions, performances, installations, or some other crazy thing. Also keep an eye out on the Uferhallen across the street where there artist studios and big exhibitions from time to time.”
19 locals recommend
“Wedding has a cosy new cocktail bar called Basalt that serves high quality cocktails that will not only give pleasure to your tongue, but also to your eyes. The bar is all in green incorporating a lot of plants and leafs into the interior creating an almost jungle like, and definitely cosy atmosphere.”
18 locals recommend
“Very central station for trains, metro and commuter trains to all parts of the city. ”
16 locals recommend