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Parks and nature in Quito

Top parks

“Caronlina Park is like the timesquare but little, you can make some exercise like running or make some bicycle, also you have sport courts, but one thing you have to visit is the botanic garden inside the park.”
  • 152 locals recommend
“trails with really forest like trees. you can book a spot to have a bbq and the park also has some pretty nice view points. ”
  • 58 locals recommend
“El parque es hogar de unas 1.470 especies de plantas nativas de la región interandina. Tiene veinte árboles con más de cien años de vida por eso es el espacio público con mayor arbolado patrimonial de la ciudad. / The Park has 1470 nativa plant species of the interandian region. It also has twenty trees with more than a hundred years. ”
  • 25 locals recommend
“I recommend the store WAVA Market, it is located underneath Palacio Arzobispal in front of the cathedral. It has stylish, diverse and colorful handicrafts, cool designs and boho clothing. ”
  • 22 locals recommend
“Big and nice, just be safe and go with LIGHT, this one is big, so please don't get lost, go and enjoy the woods. ”
  • 26 locals recommend
“This is our natural refuge within the city for our trail running and mountain biking activities.”
  • 18 locals recommend
“el jardín botánico es un lugar apacible en el medio de la ciudad, y dentro del parque La Carolina”
  • 12 locals recommend
“a bit away, but a nice walk with nice view of the valley of Cumbaya. Go check it out!”
  • 16 locals recommend


“mirador natural de Quito con un hermoso santuario a ma aparición de la virgen del mismo nombre”
  • 1 local recommends