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Best things to do in Prague

“The National Museum (Národní Muzeum) in Prague is set in a commanding position at the top of Wenceslas Square.”
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History Museum
“In Staroměstská Old Town Square are constantly held some exhibitions and galleries.”
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History Museum
“The Biggest Beer exhibition in Prague. 2 floors of Czech beer experience ”
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“ Very surprising design, reminding marrocon or arabic shapes ans colors. You can find there a jewish museum as well talking about the jewish communities in Czekoslovakia before and after the II WW Opening Hours: daily 11.00-17.00 (except Sat) ”
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Historic Site
“1 minute from our flat .) Very nice watch tower! Interesting history. Inside is a good coffebar. ”
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“ The Kingdom of Railways Open daily: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm ”
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“Observatory with interesting programmes about the universe, stars and everything beyond this planet. ”
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Art Museum
“The earliest example of Cubist architecture in Prague. It houses a statue of the black Madonna. A treasured artifact.”
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“A Marian pilgrimage site with a replica of the Holy House and the Baroque Church of the Nativity, surrounded by cloisters and chapels.”
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Monument / Landmark
“One of the most beautiful Gothic towers in Prague. You can go upstairs to catch an amazing view on bridge and river :)”
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Liquor Store
“Have you ever tried a real Absinth? Here you can taste about 100 absinthes and see over 250 different bottles of this premium alcohol from all over the world.”
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Candy Store
“There are many unique shops around Prague and especially on Malá Strana. Two shops come up in my mind instantly, the Gingerbread Museum in Nerudova is one of them. It also has a store, where you can go wild and get the most beautiful and refined decorative gingerbreads you've ever seen. It makes great presents to take home to your friends and family. It is especially interesting during the Holiday season. The Czechs love Christmas and everything that comes with it. ”
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Art Museum
“Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague newly renovated and beautiful expositions also a very good restaurant on the ground floor.”
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“In the heart of Old Town of Prague, you find yourself meeting modern technology. Apple Museum is an interesting option for anyone who is passionate about IT and design. A very nice curated space respecting the apple brand colors, style and high quality. Family friendly too! Don't forget to stop by the bar to get a delicious smoothie!”
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General Entertainment
“A favourite spot for children and adults alike. From the outside, this building resembles a small castle, but inside, instead of a labyrinth with mysterious stone hallways, you’ll find one made of mirrors. First you’ll make your way through the maze to the diorama of the battle of the Praguers against the Swedes at Charles Bridge in 1648 and then through the “hall of laughter” where warped and twisted mirrors will change your appearance in crazy ways.”
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“Blind or partially sighted people will take you on 1 hour tour through simulation of their reality. You can also try beer of wine tastings. Very unique experience and they do English tours.”
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