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Best things to do in Phnom Penh

“The Royal Palace, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is a complex of buildings which serves as the royal residence of the king of Cambodia. Its full name in the Khmer language is Preah Barum Reachea Veang Chaktomuk Serei Mongkol.”
20 locals recommend
History Museum
“Great collection of Angkor Wat era treasures in a beautiful Khmer style architecture, plus nice garden.”
25 locals recommend
Seafood Restaurant
“Bustling market with vendors selling a wide array of souvenirs, clothing & other goods, plus food.”
35 locals recommend
History Museum
“If your journey is short but still want to visit the history of Cambodia regarding to the Pol Pot event, you can visit this one as its location is in town. ”
28 locals recommend
Travel Agency
“Currently the most popular shopping mall in Phnom Penh with highest daily visitors.”
23 locals recommend
Asian Restaurant
“Cambodian tradition cuisine: great to have inspiration and get exposed to Cambodian food/culture.”
12 locals recommend
Memorial Site
“a place where you can imagine the tragedy from the past history of Cambodia. A MUST VISIT if you are ok with the sadness of it. ”
10 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“Wat Phnom is one of the historical Buddhist temples of the city which was established in 1372. The building is so tall that it is recognised as the tallest structure in the city. The sanctuary at the temple was decorated in 19th century. At the altar you will find a bronze statue of seated Buddha surrounded by candles, flowers, several statues, and other items which are required for worship. The most interesting thing of Wat Phnom are the murals on the interior walls that depict famous scenes of Jataka stories, Reamker, and Ramayana.”
18 locals recommend
“The first sky bar on the 23 storey building. Very nice and relaxed atmosphere. ”
11 locals recommend
“Located in a Heritage architecture building, airy and bright with lots of selections. Attracted both locals and tourists.”
16 locals recommend
“Upstairs outdoor terrace with view of the park is lovely, and happy hour cocktails are a great deal. Java Cafe has regular art shows and rotating collections displayed. ”
14 locals recommend
“The Night Market sells everything from clothing and crafts to Khmer street food. Don't miss the coconut ice cream! They also have live music performances. :) ”
9 locals recommend
Flea Market
“Cambodia's iconic traditional market. Much cleaner than other traditional markets, and more touristy (so you can get a lot of touristy things here too like tshirts, scarves, etc.). The building is an old art deco building and there's a full range of offerings in the market for Cambodian city dwellers as well as tourists.”
11 locals recommend
“金界娛樂城®的故事 1995年誕生的金界娛樂城®矗立於風景秀麗的洞里薩湖和湄公河畔,是擁有豐富高棉歷史的柬埔寨首都金邊市的鮮明地標。金界的英文名稱乃是來自高棉神話中的七頭蛇納加(Naga),傳說中這種負責守衛金邊城門的神獸平時住在河裡,只在彩虹出現時才會現身,因此在當地人眼中是吉祥的象徵。由於傳說彩虹尾端有一盆黃金,因此後來金界娛樂城也成為一個新開始和財富的有力象徵。 自此,金界娛樂城®吸引了範圍廣泛的賓客,從喜愛自由、尋覓舒適的避世桃源的度假者,到擁有冒險犯難精神的環球旅行家,以及精於遊戲的娛樂愛好者。今天的金界娛樂城®已經被視為中南半島首屈一指的綜合娛樂酒店,可與東南亞甚至全世界頂級娛樂場媲美。在金界樓高八層的娛樂大樓內,主題式大眾廳、卡拉OK酒廊和遊戲機之間瀰漫著一股冒險的精神。再加上14層高的酒店大樓,可提供超過500間豪華客房與尊貴套房,還有一間裝潢精緻的水療中心,讓您享受超水準的豪華舒適,在這裡度過一段獲得精神啟發的時刻。 金界娛樂城®的精神 當您踏入金界娛樂城®大門之際,就彷彿穿過時光隧道進入吳哥古國。唯金界娛樂城能讓您體驗柬埔寨自古以來以客為尊的熱情,加上令人震撼的娛樂享受。 ”
6 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“They have a nice selection of authentic Cambodian products on the ground floor as well as in a shop called Amazing Cambodia”
6 locals recommend
“The Independence Monument (Khmer: វិមានឯករាជ្យ, "Vimean Akareach") in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia, was built in 1958 for Cambodia's independence from France in 1953. ”
5 locals recommend