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Parks and nature in Osaka

Top parks

Concert Hall
“Located in the center of Osaka, the surrounding area is a business district. It is a mysterious spot where history and current business live together. Japanese castles are very popular with foreign tourists, and many people come to enjoy Japanese history and romance.”
  • 94 locals recommend
“Kyoto Aquarium, Kyoto Railway Museum are also inside this beautiful park. You can enjoy walking around and have a picnic! ”
  • 42 locals recommend
“There is a rose garden in the park, which is at its best viewed in mid-May and mid-October. It is lit up in winter and is full of spectators. Osaka Metro Midosuji Line・Keihan Railway「Yodoyabashi」、Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line・Keihan Railway「Kitahama」Exit 1 公園内にはバラ園があり、5月中旬と10月中旬に見ごろを迎えます。 冬にはライトアップもなされ、見物客で賑わいます。 Osaka Metro御堂筋線・京阪電車「淀屋橋駅」、Osaka Metro堺筋線・京阪電車「北浜駅」1号出口すぐ”
  • 50 locals recommend
“It is famous "Taiyonoto". That look is very strange but it is symbol in this area. In the night, that's eyes shine, you will be surprised. Near, there is a big shopping mall, you can also enjoy shopping.”
  • 24 locals recommend
“A park with a rose garden and zelkova-lined street as well as a Tennis Center that hosts international competitions. 우츠보 공원”
  • 41 locals recommend
“Nagano Park comprises five park districts spreading at the foot of Mt. Kongo. Visit your favorite place and enjoy watching seasonal flowers, strolling in the forests, and watching wild birds.”
  • 2 locals recommend
Italian Restaurant
“Tenshiba Park has just been built in the last few years and even people who live in Osaka often dont know about Tenshiba. Tennoji used to be a dangerous and dirty place. But that certainly changed in the last few years. Tenshiba is a calm park with alot of young people and families. If you get there check out the cafe SPOONBILL. The drinks are super refreshing and look great on pictures aswell. My recommendations: Pineapple punch chai latte (but basically everything is good there)”
  • 29 locals recommend


“It's a walking distance from Umeda. Large‐scale play equipment, open space with grass, and swimming pool are provided, downtown's oasis that always sounds cheers. 2 minutes walk from Ogimachi Station. Ogimachi Station is 14 minutes ride from Tengachaya Station which is 8 minutes ride from Nankai Koya Line Abikomae Station which is 4 minutes walk from here.”
  • 24 locals recommend
“Just want an easy break from the city, Funaokayama is a small hill in the city, an easy walk for a short break.”
  • 12 locals recommend
“A nice park that is next to a river. The only park in the area with a pull up bar and parallel bars.”
  • 3 locals recommend
“One of the best park to see " Cheery-Blossom " Osaka area. You enjoy to see Cherry Blossom from end of March to Middle of April every year. It is also best park for walking, running, picnic, hiking. ”
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  • 1 local recommends



“Arashiyama is a pleasant, touristy district in the western outskirts of Kyoto. The area has been a popular destination since the Heian Period (794-1185), when nobles would enjoy its natural setting. Arashiyama is particularly popular during the cherry blossom and fall color seasons.”
  • 60 locals recommend
“The famous bamboo grove in Kyoto. Transportation: 1)take a train from JR tanbaguchi to JR Arashiyama///// OR ///// 2) take Kyoto bus from Shijonakashinmichi bus stop to Arashiyama bus stop.”
  • 18 locals recommend
“5,032 meters Ropeway links the top of Mt. Rokko and Arima Spa. Captivating panoramic views of Osaka Bay and seasonal sights.”
  • 1 local recommends