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Best parks in Oakland

“A million hiking trails, many options for various ability levels. Wonderful views of the Bay Area.”
178local recommendations
“Lake Merritt is known as the jewel of Oakland. Want to feel the vibe of Oakland? Hit up the Grand Lake Farmers market and hang by the lake on a Sunday afternoon. You'll see a real mix of Oaklanders, from joggers, bikers, picnickers, paddle boaters and the brunch crowd soaking up the sun. Tip: Gondola Servicio offers romantic rides on Lake Merritt aboard authentic gondolas from Venice, complete with Italian serenade. So, skip the cheesy Vegas stuff!”
420local recommendations
“A great spot to watch the sunset - free and fun to walk into to look at the flowers as well ”
60local recommendations
“The redwoods are amazing and your don't have to deal with the crowds at Muir woods”
52local recommendations
Music Venue
“One of the truly great botanical gardens on the West Coast. Don't miss the redwood grove across the street from the garden itself. Access is given by the ticket office. Concerts played in the grove during summer months. Also the site of many weddings.”
36local recommendations
“A nice, easy but gently hilly walk along the water. Enjoy views of San Francisco and all sorts of native wildlife.”
50local recommendations
“Visit secret labyrinths in the heart of a volcanic preserve in the Oakland hills. Really beautiful spot for an easy hike. ”
35local recommendations
“Family- friendly with an EPIC playground. PLUS grills, picnic tables, volleyball court, trails, public pool, and stunning views of the Bay. This spot is one of our family's all time favorites.”
12local recommendations
“gem of a place. gorgeous in-n-out tree-lined shore of Berkeley's hidden lake. good for bird watching, or watching kayakers and skulling, and enjoying the sunset among grass, fresh ocean air, and plethora of trees. wonderful wooden playground for the kiddos.”
22local recommendations
“Tilden Park has something for everyone. Miles of hiking trails among the east bay hills, a merry-go-round and steam trains and little-farm for the youngsters, botanical gardens, a golf course, a lake....just a fantastic regional park.”
25local recommendations
“Great for kids, having a picnic, taking a walk, or just people watching on a nice day. ”
22local recommendations
“The next closest regional park from the cottage (approximately .5 mile). It is located on the left hand side of the road about .25 miles past the entrance to Sibley. There's a great 45-60 minute self guided loop trail just inside the park.”
13local recommendations
“Beautiful park. From here you can hike all the way up to Joaquin Miller Park. Sausal Creek runs through the park and filled with big redwoods and oak trees.”
16local recommendations
“Normally goes by the name "Frog Park". This is a small park with a fenced-in dog area as well as a great kids' area with lots of structures to climb and slide on. Swings as well.”
15local recommendations
“Kids like it. Free adventure park. You need to supervise your child closely. There a fun zip line and more. Is on the Berkeley Marina”
19local recommendations
“Escape to a quite hidden park amidst the giant freight ships and ship-to-shore cranes with STUNNING views of San Francisco. Peek through the free binoculars and take a look at San Francisco from our side of the bay. Have a picnic on the grass and watch the birds as they fly in and out of the bird sanctuary.”
15local recommendations