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Things to do in Oakland

Top recommendations from locals

From sightseeing to hidden gems, find out what makes the city unique with the help of the locals who know it best.
Indie Movie Theater
“Beer, food, and a mix of couches and chairs for seating. Check out the programming!”
  • 115 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Great East Bay shopping and restaurants. Some truly unique stores, including some outlets with great deals. Nice outdoor hang. ”
  • 117 locals recommend
“Beautiful views, hike, run, stroll, sightsee, fly a kite, throw a frisbee, walk the dog. Be grateful to be alive. ”
  • 94 locals recommend
Beer Garden
“Brewery beer garden with many beer selections & great flatbread pizza /bites”
  • 90 locals recommend
Latin American Restaurant
“15-minute walk. Very popular. Latin American food. Gluten-free options. Order online for pick-up or eat there. ”
  • 90 locals recommend
Mac & Cheese Joint
“Amazing mac n cheese joint with different flavors for everyone to enjoy. A personal favorite is the garden pesto mac! ”
  • 96 locals recommend
Night Club
“Enjoy smooth Jazz on the Oakland Embarcadero. If you like Japanese food, you can dine before the show or have appetizers during the show. ”
  • 74 locals recommend
American Restaurant
“Amazing place, swanky but with a hint of grunge. Great if you want to go somewhere fun but still has that Oakland edge.”
  • 90 locals recommend
Mexican Restaurant
“Great Mexican and Oaxaca food, one of the areas best bars and spacious layout for small or large groups. Don't miss the backyard patio either.”
  • 95 locals recommend
Pizza Place
“The best stuffed, deep dish and thin crust pizzas with over 200 awards to show for it. insider tip: get the stuffed spinach and mushroom pizza but expect a 40 minute bake time on this iconic pizza.”
  • 89 locals recommend
Shopping Plaza
“Bay Street Emeryville is a large mixed-use development in Emeryville, California. There are many retail shops and restaurants like Sephora, Coach, Gap, Barnes & Noble, PF Chang's and California Pizza kitchen & etc. A movie theater, hotel, and many residential units around the area. ”
  • 64 locals recommend
Theme Park
“A magical theme park, a special place. Grownups must have a kid to get in. ”
  • 78 locals recommend
“Who wouldn't love a beautifully located rose garden, adjacent to exquisite tennis courts? Across the road is Codornices Park, another local fave, with long meandering walks that go up into the hills...”
  • 63 locals recommend
Music Venue
“I am a tour guide here and also game show host for classic movie nights. I love this old grand theatre”
  • 82 locals recommend
“No one orders coffee here. Not a cafe. If a guy was collecting a lot of random stuff and dropped a lot of acid, then perfected a Greyhound by fresh squeezing grapefruit juice to order, and then opened a dive bar several decades ago - that’s Cafe Van Kleef. Owner was a legendary figure, bar carries on in his memory. Giant bouncers. Try and get there before or after the music starts. Always a terrible band. In a town of great musicians. Must be part of the mystique. Not to be missed. Seriously, order a Greyhound. ”
  • 78 locals recommend
“Check to see what's playing. Great option to see something different and also close to great restaurants.”
  • 66 locals recommend