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Sightseeing in North District

“Mount Tabor is shaped almost like a half-sphere, suddenly rising from rather flat surroundings and reaching a height of 575 metres (1,886 feet), thus dominating by a good 450 metres the next town in the plain below, Kfar Tavor At the top of the mount there are two Christian monasteries, one is Greek Orthodox and the second is Roman Catholic. The Catholic church at the top is well seen from far ”
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Historic Site
“the mount of beautitudes is said to be the setting to one of Christs most famous discourse, 'the sermon on the mount'”
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“ Gardens near the Shrine of Bahá'u'lláh in Acre, Israel Bahá'í gardens can be found at Bahá'í Holy Places in Israel and elsewhere, and at Bahá'í Houses of Worship. Many Bahá'í holy places in Haifa and around Acre, Israel were inscribed on the World Heritage List in July 2008. A beautiful flowering and a short spring hike. A very nice place. Open space up to 16:00 and free entrance.”
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Historic Site
“the well where mary would bathe her son jesus, many people belive the waters have healing powers.”
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