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Shopping in Nesher

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“Shemo is one of the best bakeries in the north of Israel. There are about 7 or 8 branches, half of which are in or near Haifa. The sweets here are excellent. I particularly like the cookies and the quiches, but they carry a full line of delicious bakery goods.”
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Movie Theater
Grocery or Supermarket
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Grocery or Supermarket
“Health food store where you can find things that supermarkets might not carry: whole grain products, organic food, imported food, lots of tea, various obscure flours, etc. Sometimes expensive, but a number of products are competitive with supermarket prices, especially products from their house brand, and dried fruit/nuts by weight. I don't buy the bulk of my groceries here, but I do regularly buy pasta, nuts, and dried herbs at this store.”
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Coffee Shop
Miscellaneous Shop

Shopping malls

Shopping Mall
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