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Sightseeing in Nara

Buddhist Temple
“A huge temple occupying a vast temple area at the foot of Wakusakusan. There are many cultural assets of the heavyweight class, which is famous for the Buddha of Nara, the first national treasure in Rohto-Nava Buddha. One of 8 asset groups of world heritage "cultural property of Ancient Nara".”
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Buddhist Temple
“Yakushiji is known for its opening base (founder) to be Emperor Tenmu. It is a temple that the world registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 approved.   A lot of Buddha designated as national treasure and important cultural asset is enshrined in Yakushiji Temple, and among them the representative one is "Yakushi Sanjo".”
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Historic Site
“Konoike Shinden Kaisho(鴻池新田会所)was established in 1707 as the central facility for the management of farming and tenants, and had been used until 1950. ”
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