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Essentials in Moscow

Meal Delivery
“A very good market for fresh meat and fruits/vegetables, however a bit pricey.”
5local recommendations
“A little masterpiece in the middle of the city - this small botanic garden is a must see - and there are lot's of cool restaurants around it too)”
6local recommendations
Health Food Store
“Grocery store with natural products and reasonable prices. Strongly recommended to buy food and drinks here. ”
4local recommendations
Health Food Store
“Local food and beer :) This is a chain of stores, which sell only organic and ecology-friendly food. They have own production, buy meat and poultry from local farmers only, fish is wild-grown only, fruits and vegetables are seasonal and organic, etc. Similar to Whole Foods.”
2local recommendations
Government Building
“This is a great place where you can avoid the hustle and bustle of the city on weekdays, feed the birds and animals and relax, admiring the graceful giraffes and llamas on a cozy bench in front of an open aviary without bars. I do not recommend to walk here at the weekend - there are too many people.”
11local recommendations
Liquor Store
“Магазин алкогольных напитков Новинский бульвар, 7 +7 (495) 605-07-41 ПН- ПТ11:00-23:00 CБ11:00-22:00 ВС11:00-21:00 ”
2local recommendations
Health Food Store
Beer Store
2local recommendations
Deli / Bodega
Health Food Store
“ПРЕКРАСНО ВСЁ. Пожалуй оптимальный выбор в мск на сейчас из продуктовых магазинов. ”
2local recommendations
Health Food Store
“Light version of Whole foods Оружейный пер Good quality local food - great for cooking at home/ Warming up/ Baking. Great dairy products”
3local recommendations