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Essentials in Moab

Home Goods Store
“Has good sales on clothing and a small amount of groceries if you're needing something in a pinch. It's like a big store but smaller. The same inventory with less of it, narrower isles.”
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Grocery Store
“Freshest looking produce and often busy. Your alternatives are Moonflower Coop across from the P.O. on 100 N, or the Village Market for possibly the quickest shopping experience.”
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“This is kind of a general store. Think Walmart, but much smaller and locally owned.”
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Liquor Store
“Booze is a bit weird in Moab! Beer can be had in grocery stores, but the sale of wine and hard liquor is exclusively the purview of the State of Utah! What! Go figure. And, there is only one State Liquor Store in all of Moab. You might want to call ahead for their hours just so you aren't disappointed, as they close on all state and federal holidays (including "Pioneer Day", bet you never heard of that one). If you are coming from Colorado, I can't tell you to bring it from Colorado, because that would be illegal.”
3local recommendations
“Walker Drug also has a pharmacy plus some groceries, clothing and essentials.”
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1local recommendations