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Spirits tasting in Ciudad de México
Mezcal Tasting
What we'll do:
An encounter with the best of Mexican Mezcal culture. An expert from our brand, Gente de Mezcal, offers up a selection of six of our finest artisanal spirits for tasting. You'll be seduced by these exquisite spirits and their stories at our boutique tasting room, El Salón, a space dedicated to mezcal in the charismatic Colonia Juárez. Our in-house experts, Ana and Sade, take turns to host the Experience. This Experience is perfect for small groups of friends, family or colleagues looking for an alternative, private, chilled out and unforgettable evening out. We can also host larger private groups, up to 12 people, in our beautiful spirits lounge, Salón Rosario, in Colonia Roma Norte. Visit us online: www.gentedemezcal.com www.instagram.com/gentedemezcal www.facebook.com/GentedeMezcal Please note that we do not provide food as part of the tasting so we recommend that you eat something beforehand.
2 hoursUp to 6 people
From Price:$44 / person
Boat ride in Ciudad de México
What we'll do:
Welcome to Xochimilco. Know all the beauty of its canals in an ALL INCLUSIVE on the boat "let yourself be pampered" -We will meet at a famous dock in Xochimilco. There will be a decorated boat ready to sail down by a main canal of Xochimilco. First of all we will get confortable on the boat, then we will make a toast with "MEZCAL". We will do a dynamic to get to know at each other. - We will celebrate birthdays and other events. -Briefly I will tell you about the history, customs and legends of Xochimilco. I will provide you some beer, mezcal, water and juices. I will play Mexican music the first half of the tour and dancing music the second half. - My family is going to help me to provide you a mexican garnacha as an entry, the main dish is "mole with chicken". For vegans or vegetarians there will be a garnacha, "Mole" and "tamal". - On the table there will be 15-20 bottles of mezcal of different flavors, you will be able to try all of them just be careful cause mezcal is strong and you could get drunk. - You will be surprise with some cocktails like PALOMAS AND MICHELADAS. - If you need to use a toilet we will stop on a nice chinampa. - We will pass through a replica of THE ISLAND OF THE DOLLS. -By your count you might hire a Mariachi band (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED). My main function is to provide you with all you need to have a great day, yours is your good willing to enjoy the day in Xochimilco. I will always make my best to satisfy your expectations!!!
2.5 hoursUp to 10 people
From Price:$53 / person
Boat ride in Ciudad de México
Xochimilco: Tequila, Mezcal & fun
What we'll do:
⭐Winner of best new experience of 2019 in Mexico City⭐ IG: @wearealltrajineros We will cruise through the canals of Xochimilco all while (safely) enjoying authentic Mexican food, drinks and music! The meeting point is Embarcadero Cuemanco. *Tip: Try a Michelada (beer, lime and spices). The ideal way to start the day! Once aboard our colorful trajinera, each guest/group will receive their own “Trajinera kit” to safely enjoy the canals of Xochimilco and festivities: - We’ll tell you about the history of the site and take in the natural beauty of the area. - You’ll learn how to drink Mezcal and Tequila the Mexican way (actually appreciating it and with delicious chasers). - Hungry? Don't worry, a traditional homemade Mexican dish and salsa (special family recipe) will be served along with a variety of snacks. - Mariachis & traditional Mexican music groups will join us for part of the journey where you'll be able to request songs and dance! (not included in price) - We'll visit an Axolote sanctuary (an amphibian endemic to Xochimilco) and other special chinampas (man-made islands) along the way. ($1USD) - There will be plenty of good Latin music and dancing, so be ready to enjoy a lively and fun atmosphere! *We usually do this experience on weekends, but weekdays can also be arranged. Send us a message. Bathrooms along the way are rustic and cost 5 pesos each time.
3.5 hoursUp to 10 people
From Price:$54 / person
Culture tour in Ciudad de México
Pre-Hispanic Floating Gardens & Day of the death special
What we'll do:
Enjoy a perfect day visiting one of the best kept secrets of Xochimilco, an oasis south of Mexico City. Discover with us a magical town immersed with history, culture and traditions: San Gregorio Atlapulco. This town preserves the most beautiful traditions, carnivals and religious celebrations, every day a new marvel to admire. Upon reaching San Gregorio Atlapulco we'll glide through secret canals for the exclusive use of farmers or "chinamperos", who will receive us on their land to take us on a trip to the bowels of one of our most important pre-Hispanic vestiges. Get ready to travel back in time to the ancient Mexico. We’ll explore the “chinampas”, those beautiful floating gardens recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site on a traditional canoe. There’s no better ending for this amazing day than to share the table with traditional snacks all together as a family: Tlacoyos, traditional tamales, cocoles with cream, café de olla, atole, pulque, mead and a unexpected mezcal surprise This is not a tour, this is a unique experience that you can only access with us. Are you looking for a special experience to celebrate "Día de Muertos"? We have planned for you the most authentic experience. Live in a very unique way our favorite holiday. Ask through DM. Will you join us?
5.5 hoursUp to 10 people
From Price:$129 / person
Spirits tasting in Ciudad de México
Mezcal Tasting (Authentic/Organic/Artisanal)
What we'll do:
You will learn EVERYTHING about the culture and origin of mezcal; how to recognize a good mezcal through the five senses and how to drink it; you will live the experience of a guided tasting enjoying the authentic flavor of this spirit drink; You will know how and who will produce it and identify its type and the species of agave. All this in a friendly, intimate and welcoming environment. You will know and choose mezcal of author of a large collection of more than SEVEN HUNDRED different among wild agaves and mixes, all are from small producers of the state of Oaxaca, limited and unrepeatable productions extremely careful and valuable whose ancestral elaboration is worthy of being recognized by our visitors. IT IS NOT INDUSTRIAL MEZCAL. We are the authentic MEZCALOTECA of Oaxaca since 1998. WITHOUT PURPOSES OF PROFIT. WITHOUT COMMERCIAL BRAND. IT IS NOT INDUSTRIAL MEZCAL. We have audiovisual support.
1.5 hoursUp to 10 people
From Price:$35 / person
Spirits tasting in Colonia Condesa
Mezcal Tasting at Top Mezcaleria ⭐
What we'll do:
In this experience you get to try the best mezcal you'll taste in your life, I'll show you 5-6 different oaxacan varieties and combinations that makes mezcal one of the most mixable liquors that can be experienced. And for the people who loves to eat (you know you do) you get to try our excellent Mexican gastronomy. I love to play by ear so every experience is unique and can vary, so open minded people are most welcome!
3 hoursUp to 6 people
From Price:$70 / person
Textiles class in Ciudad de México
Learn mexican embroidery with a textile designer.
What we'll do:
I want you to fall in love with the artisan processes of our country. We will visit the Museum of Popular Art where you will find several samples of regional textiles. We will also see the exhibition of the rebozo where you will learn about the dyeing, embroidery and weaving techniques used to make these pieces. Later in the beautiful cafeteria of the Franz Mayer museum cloister, while we talk, we will make a textile craft using the embroidery technique of your choice that you can take home. It includes a note with a detailed explanation of the different stitches and their description. Other highlights You do not need previous experience, I will give you all the materials to finish the activity during the workshop, but if for something you cannot finish the activity you can take the materials home with you.
3.5 hoursUp to 4 people
From Previous price:$35Discounted price:$28 / person