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Best things to do in Mazatlán

“The Plazuela Machado is one of the oldest squares in the city and one of the more importants, here you can visit many restaurants and bars, its near to the theater Angela Peralta. Nice area for international food, with a lot of option to choose from, some with live music and historic district views.”
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Mexican Restaurant
“A local and not so local tradition, some people say that if you came to Mazatlan and didn't eat at Panama you didn't came... on my personal experience I do like the breakfast over there, big dishes and the pastry is one of the best, gif it a try if you are up to corroded places.”
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Point of Interest
“Excellent venue, with many options from symphony, ballet, drama and guest performers. There are three tiers in addition to the floor seating. It is a lovely way to enjoy the talents of Sinaloa.”
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“Since its opening on September 13, 1980, Mazatlán Aquarium has been one of the most complete and best of its kind in Latin America, besides being the largest in Mexico. According to the institution, "The primary objective is for the public to learn to respect the marine ecosystem that which we depend on, and we foster this through knowledge of marine species." It is divided into two main areas, the Aquarium and Botanical Garden; together, they contain the following facilities: Aquarium: Section, Diving -Exhibition Activity Museum of the Sea: Temporary exhibitions and permanent displays that include shells, snails, and materials relating to the marine ecosystem. Botanical Garden: 1 hectare which consists of 75 tree species from around the world, and regional species of Sinaloa. Pond Sea Lions: Sea Lions, Frog Pond, Oceanic Fishbowl, Aviary: about 13 species of birds that inhabit the State of Sinaloa are displayed, Cactus section, Crocodiles, etc. kids love it!”
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Shopping Mall
“The shopping mall with the best location, it might miss some of the well famous brands you can find at Galerias, but even so, you are able to find most anything you need.”
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Shopping Mall
“This is one of the newest shopping malls in Mazatlan, lots of shops, cinemas, restaurants and bars.”
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Shoe Store
“Puedes ir a pasar el día a Galerías, encontraras restaurantes, zona de comida para un presupuesto más económico, puedes entrar al cine, hay zona de niños, juegos y además otro lugar donde si vienes con niños los puedes dejar y aprovechar para entrar al cine o hacer tus compras. ”
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Sublocality Level 1
“You can walk to take a taxi to the Stone island ferry, over by the Baha Ferry dock, it is a boat that holds about 12 people and takes about 10 minutes to cross. You get off the boat, follow the people over the peninsula, short walk abt. 400 feet and you will find a beautiful fine sand beach that lets you think that you just got far away from the city. Here you can walk down the beach to Lety's or many other great restaurants, they have nice beach chairs in the sand and will serve you drinks and food all day long. Most guide books tell you to prepare for a full day of it but we go out there for a couple of hours of sun. On the weekend it feels like all of Mexico is at the beach and there is tons of beach entertainment to watch or enjoy. ”
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Seafood Restaurant
“One of the biggest malecon in Latin America, perfect to rent a bike to enjoy it or just by walking”
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“Es un antro de moda para bailar, divertirse y disfrutar del ambiente y unos tragos”
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“Have dinner in an old mansion at El Presidio. Chef Diego Becerra inherited a late-19th-century mansion from his grandmother and turned it into this indoor/outdoor compound that's arguably the most exciting restaurant in Mazatlán. The gorgeous tree-filled courtyard is the perfect location for your dream destination wedding, as long as you don't mind the bats that swoop around at night. Becerra, who's worked in kitchens in Mexico City and around Europe, is quick to admit that his hometown isn't the most risky when it comes to food. "People tend to stick to traditional food in Mazatlán, but I like to experiment when I can," he says. If there's one chef trying to push the culinary boundaries here, it's Becerra. His seafood-focused menu would do well in a larger city with harsher critics. Try the octopus carpaccio, smoked marlin tacos and raw shrimp aguachile.”
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“Locals love to climb to the top of the highest working natural lighthouse in the world. It does have the best view of the city and it doesn't take long to get up there. You can actually go up and down to the back and come back up and down again.”
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Food Court
“A big market in the central of Mazatlan. Un mercado local en el centro de Mazatlan.”
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“Explore and climb the second tallest natural lighthouse in the world. You can have beautiful views during the morning”
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Water Park
“Si lo tuyo no es meter los pies a la playa sino la velocidad, los toboganes, las carruchas, la alberca de olas, bajar un tobogán en un flotador entonces tienes que ir al Mazagua. También tiene albercas para niños y área de comida para que todos puedan disfrutar de este lugar. El parque acuático Mazagua se encuentra en la glorieta antes de llegar a Playa Cerritos en el entronque que te lleva al Habal.”
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“This is a beach front, open air, palapa covered spot. There is a cover charge, which gets you seated at a table with a server. The music is mostly pop, techno and happening! It has mostly a younger crowd, but when we show up, we usually have a fan club! They are only open until 4 am. hehehe”
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