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Best things to do in Madeira

“A nice place to eat fresh fish and seafood, not cheap but with very good food!”
20 locals recommend
“Great coffee spot with a fantastic ocean view. Perfect to watch sunset. Serves also as a bar at night. Trendy place in Old Town. Great light meals.”
16 locals recommend
“The natural swimming pools at Porto Moniz are formed by volcanic lava, naturally filled with crystal-clear sea water. The natural pools of Porto Moniz are the highlight of the village of Porto Moniz. The natural salt water swimming pools are made up of volcanic rock, into which the sea flows naturally.”
11 locals recommend
“The Green Cauldron is a gorge excavated in the basaltic rock and is located along a beautiful levada that penetrates the interior of the Laurissilva. The enormous beauty that this place ends up makes it one of Santana's most visited spots. ”
11 locals recommend
Scenic Lookout
“Cabo Girão is one of the most iconic sights in the whole of Madeira. It offers breathtaking views of the island as well as overseeing ALL of Funchal. ”
13 locals recommend
Botanical Garden
“O Jardim Botânico da Madeira é um bonito jardim composto por lindas flores e bem cuidadas e por enumeras árvores.”
7 locals recommend
Amusement Park
“Kid-oriented park with various buildings & displays illustrating Madeira's cultural traditions.”
7 locals recommend
“Portuguese and foreign furniture, jewellery, ceramics and sculpture are part of the rich museum collection of this Madeiran Quinta. Located at Funchal by the Quinta das Cruzes is one of the manor houses with significant historical tradition, property of the first captain-donee family, since it became their official second residence in the island. It remained in the Câmara family until the mid-seventeenth century, passing on to the Lomelino family until the late 19th century. This property has suffered several modifications over the centuries and, around the 18th century it became an emblematical "Quinta Madeira". The Quinta das Cruzes Museum opened to the public in 1953, placing in display t”
15 locals recommend
“One of the oldest (16th. century) and most well preserved museums in Funchal. It houses collections of paintings, sculptures, jewellery and garments.”
14 locals recommend
“One of the most well known bars of Calheta, 10 feets from the sea, perfect place to relax.”
8 locals recommend
“One of the most beautiful walks we have, very easy to do. You walk along the ocean and at the end you can swim and refresh yourself in the local bar/coffee house. ”
8 locals recommend
“Opened to the public in 1989 in the fishing village of Caniçal, the museum shows the history of whale hunting in the seas of Madeira. The Whale Museum is located in Caniçal and bears witness to the entire history of whaling and the activities associated with it. It is one of the most innovative museums of its kind internationally. ”
9 locals recommend
“Enjoy a summer concert in the park, watch the fire works on a saturday evening in June. Watch the cruise ships coming in to port or just relax on the grass and breathe in the fresh air.”
9 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“This was the first big shopping center to open in Madeira. There is free parking and a bus service”
7 locals recommend
“Just a block away and you can be soaring through the air on your way to Monte, Botanical Gardens and/or Tropical Gardens.”
8 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“O Paúl da Serra contrasta com as encostas de grande declive que predominam na ilha. Aqui, estas dão lugar a um planalto que se estende por vários quilómetros, com rectas até ao horizonte, turbinas eólicas e vegetação rasteira. Ponto de passagem obrigatório entre a Encumeada e o Rabaçal. ”
5 locals recommend