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Shopping in Kensington

Top shops

“ Kensington is known for its antique shopping district near the MARC train station (behind Safeway)”
  • 4 locals recommend
  • 3 locals recommend
“Lots of fun little local shops to stop by, grab a bite to eat, explore and enjoy the views of K-Town's historic district.”
  • 1 local recommends
Grocery Store
“Less than 1 mile away, this Safeway grocery store is open 24 hours a day. You'll never be stuck without that meal you are just craving or essential ingredient you need any time of day. ”
  • 5 locals recommend
“If my Nespresso machine is not enough for you, you can get great coffee here!”
  • 1 local recommends
Jewelry Store
“The perfect place to buy handmade jewelry for family or friends. All items are handcrafted by local artists.”
  • 1 local recommends
“Forgot your favorite toothpaste? Allergies kickin' up? Call Kensington for at-home delivery of prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as personal products!”
  • 1 local recommends