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Best things to do in Ota City

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Among its' best features are the 22-meter water tank tunnel, which lets you walk under a giant 500-ton tank filled with a total of 2,500 large and small fish from 100 species including swimming green turtles, sea bream, and giant rays swim vigorously above you. Other special features includes shark tank where huge sand tiger sharks peer out at you with cold, steely eyes. The aquarium also offers Tokyo’s only dolphin shows, which take place outside of the aquarium. ”
31 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Large shopping mall called Lazona Kawasaki. Everything you need can be purchased here!”
14 locals recommend
“TOKYO CITY KEIBA at Oi racetrack is your premier racing amusement right in the heart of Tokyo. The brilliant lights and booming cheers of the crowd beckon you to put a unique spin on the typical night out in Tokyo. ”
13 locals recommend
Place of Worship
“Kawasaki daishi an old temple with a long history.On New Year's Day, many people visit temples.”
12 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“LA CITTADELLA is another large shopping mall. Exciting shops, restaurants and cafes, relaxation space, beauty shops and even cinema”
5 locals recommend
“The nearest Tokyo area airport. There are some direct limousine buses from the airport to Shinjuku station. Also, there is a airport express train(not direct train,you need a transfer)”
20 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“This is shopping mall. It is inspired by Venice, Italy. You can feel atmosphere like in Italy. ”
3 locals recommend
Sublocality Level 1
“There are many numbers of apparel stores and restaurants. Often considered as one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo. Access: NishiNippori stn(Yamanote line)--Shibuya(TokyuToyoko line)--Jiyugaoka stn.”
8 locals recommend
Home Goods Store
“24 hr selling everything with lower price! You can buy your daily good here and do need to worry about opening hour!!! ”
7 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“MEGA WEB is the car theme park to 'Look', 'Ride' and 'Feel' automobile. There are 3 facilities based on each theme. Explore the TOYOTA's theme park with your family, couples and friends. The three facilities are History Garage, Toyota City Showcase, and Ride Studio respectively.”
1 local recommends
“one of the best natural springs in the city, 150 tons of spring water are brought from 2000 meters underground each day. After bathing, your skin will be moisturized and smooth as silk. ”
4 locals recommend
Food Court
“Shopping mall complex with food, grocery store, fashion, luggage, drugs, massage and clinics. Foreigners get tax free (need to get it processed before 8pm). MUST GO place for us before trips and late night eats and shopping.”
7 locals recommend
“A park with some of the best facilities (restaurants, swimming pools, fishing pond, free rental bicycle and many others) in central Tokyo. This is a place that is fun and relaxing for adults.”
5 locals recommend
“Good place for relaxation. Many go there with their kids. Boats are available for rent there”
6 locals recommend