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Top recommendations from locals

“It sounds like something for kids only, but a visit at the Miniatur Wunderland is for everyone!!! It's really amazing what they've achieved there. Try to beat the queues and go there early or book an advance ticket. You should set at least 2 hours aside for this but you can easily spend hours and hours.”
  • 104 locals recommend
“Quite an amazing church. On a clear day, be sure to climb the steeple for an amazing view of Hamburg. ”
  • 130 locals recommend
Art Museum
“One of the largest museums in Germany with art collections covering seven centuries of European art, from the Middle Ages to the present day!”
  • 60 locals recommend
“It´s just around the corner from Hauptbahnhof. They have a few exhibitions at the same time. You pay one price and can visit all.”
  • 52 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“My favourite exhibition space for arts and photography. If you are in to Japanese cuisine you might want to check out the family run restaurant Daruma just behind Deichtorhallen. Do not expect anything but lovely and loud Japanese owners from Kansai area ( they are much more cheerful than the ones from Tokyo area) and authentic pub cuisine such as handrolled sushi, Tempura, meat skewers and Japanese beer and sake. Nothing fancy but super down to earth authentic and yummy Japanese street food!”
  • 22 locals recommend
History Museum
“Wonderfully authentic recreation of life in this area from 1600 through the early 1900s. A highlight for children, but also fascinating for adults. Worth a trip!! They offer lots of special events. Check the website. Open all year: Dienstag-Freitag: 9-17 Uhr, Sonnabend/Sonntag/Feiertag: 10-18 Uhr ”
  • 16 locals recommend
“Stadtpark is nice to have a walk, and from the roof of planetarium you have a very nice view. Going to the roof is free.”
  • 46 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“International contemporary art and photography, 10 minutes walk from main station.”
  • 40 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Highlights of the collection are medieval altars of Master Bertram and Master Francke, paintings by Dutch artists of the 17th century, masterpieces of German Romanticism, Impressionism and classic Modernism, as well as international contemporary art.”
  • 14 locals recommend
History Museum
“Hübsche Einblicke in die Geschichte Hamburgs. Ihr erfahrt, woher die Reeperbahn ihren Namen hat und dass Hamburg mal ein Zentrum für den Walfischfang war. Und einiges über Piraten! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Nice insights into the history of Hamburg. You will learn where the Reeperbahn gets its name from and that Hamburg was once a centre for whaling. And a lot about pirates!”
  • 20 locals recommend
Harbor / Marina
“ferry dock for the biggest inner city beach and the museumshafen, an exhibition of traditional work ships and harbor boats”
  • 17 locals recommend
History Museum
“Amazing museum! Do yourself a favor, visit it. Then go there in the evening again to take some breathtaking snapshots of the night lights in the area.”
  • 14 locals recommend
“Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Work) is about 12 min away.It represents the evidence of a dissapearing industrial culture, stories of ordinary people.It's worth visiting for people interested in technic”
  • 19 locals recommend
Art Gallery
“The northern Deichtorhalle is devoted to contemporary art. Prominent here is the art of painters, sculptors and designers. Regular exhibitions deal with culture and everyday themes, as well as historical cultural themes. In the Haus der Photographie one can find as a permanent loan the collection of famous fashion photographer F.C Gundlach. In addition, the photo archive of Spiegel magazine can be found in the Haus der Photographie. It is the largest accessible archive of journalistic research in Germany. The two collections are furthermore complemented by various photography exhibitions.”
  • 11 locals recommend
“Europe's biggest cemetery and a beautiful park. A great place to take a break from the fast and loud city...”
  • 25 locals recommend
“Viele besondere (und skurrile) regionale Artefakte aus früheren Zeiten Altonas und dem Deutschen Norden! Gut an Regentagen...”
  • 10 locals recommend