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Best things to do in Guimarães

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Lovely for a relaxed walk on a sunny day. Here you can find a stairway with more than 500 steps leading from the base of the hill up to the church. You can always use the oldest working lift in the world using nothing more than water to move up and down. The view of the city from there is amazing.”
35 locals recommend
“ sometimes only, there's cinema otherwise, concerts, but should't miss a guided tour to see it's beauty inside”
10 locals recommend
“nesta area existem vários bares e cafes para sair à noite e conviver. >This neighbourhood offers several bars and cafes to hang out”
15 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“There you have a lot of brands (Lacoste, Swatch, Primark, etc) you have a place for eat with a lot of variety.”
9 locals recommend
“ The Castle of Guimarães, with origins in the X century, is undoubtedly the most famous castle of Portugal. In these millenarian walls is written the history of the birth of Portugal as an independent nation. It is considered one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.”
18 locals recommend
“Known as the religious city of Portugal enriched with cathedrals like Se, Bom Jesus, Sameiro and the romantic love gardens.”
11 locals recommend
“Guimarães is considered the birthplace of Portugal because Afonso Henriques, who went on to be the first king of Portugal, was born here. The historical centre in the area that was within the Guimarães city walls, is associated with the formation and identity of Portugal, and was classified a World Heritage site based on the originality and authenticity applied in its restoration. Only 41 km”
11 locals recommend
“One of the most iconic religious point of the country. From there you have an amazing view of the city.”
9 locals recommend
Bus Station
“One of the wonders of Braga. Amazing for families to pass a great day with an amazing view to the city.”
9 locals recommend
“ Jardim formal do palácio arcebispal, com formas geométricas em redor de uma fonte com a estátua de uma santa.”
10 locals recommend
Art Museum
“O Palácio dos Biscaínhos tem um ilustre jardim perfeito para um pic-nic ou relaxar ao som dos passarinhos e no meio de um ambiente totalmente verde, lado a lado com a natureza. ”
4 locals recommend
“Its one of the most charismatic coffe of the city. Located in the center is recognised because of the quality of the coffe (mostly).”
5 locals recommend
“A Natural Park, right on the top of the city with an amazing view to everywhere the eye can see. Very quiet, for some relaxation. Some nice places to eat, however quite hidden. look for it”
10 locals recommend
“This is the club to go if you are not a kid anymore (28 and older), Elegant dress code, comercial music, nice decoration, good service and quite central. ”
4 locals recommend
“Não pode ir embora sem conhecer a Francesinha, melhor sitio é neste restaurante.”
13 locals recommend
“O Santuário do Sameiro, cuja construção se iniciou em meados do séc. XIX, é o centro de maior devoção mariana em Portugal, depois de Fátima. O Templo, concluído no nosso séc., destaca-se no seu interior o altar-mor em granito branco polido, bem como o sacrário de prata. Em frente do Templo ergue-se um imponente e vasto escadório, no topo do qual se levantam dois altospilares, encimados da Virgem e do Coração de Jesus.”
2 locals recommend