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Best things to do in Grenoble

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

“Take the telepherique/cablecar up to Bastille or hike up the steps for a magnificent view of the city. It is a military fort built in the nineteen century during the war. It now features fun attractions like the cave, views, restaurants and zipline.”
110local recommendations
Art Museum
“Great museum with parking underneath and the restaurant is very good (Le 5)”
26local recommendations
“Parc Paul Mistral is the biggest open park in Grenoble. In the park you can try running, jogging, there is an open skating area, and a stadium. In the park you can also find La Bobine, one of the most popular bars (and also a restaurant during the day) in the city. The place is normally full of very interesting people, mostly students but also people from all ages. If you are looking for a place to interact with other people and feel at home in the spirit of the Alps, you should come to Parc Paul Mistral!”
35local recommendations
“A place to learn and discover the historical people of Grenoble and their lifestyle, the olympics, Japanese art and French history.”
32local recommendations
Transit Station
“A must see tourist spot! you can walk upto the place: 40 min, (there are stairs as well as path) or use the cable car. On a clear day you can see Mt. Blanc and of course the beautiful city of grenoble”
33local recommendations
Concert Hall
“Cette salle de spectacle avec restaurant, à l'architecture de bois et de verre, programme concerts et apéros. Son amplifié, sonorisation exceptionnelle. Nombreuses animations et généralement excellentes programmations.”
24local recommendations
Fast Food Restaurant
“un bus vous amène au centre de notre village et pour le ski, une navette gratuite vous conduit à la station Côte 2000”
9local recommendations
Music Venue
“This bar in the park is nice and close for a drink in the evenings. In the summer, most people prefer to sit outside on the grass. The bar is closed on Sundays.”
31local recommendations
“Un super parc, des boutiques, restaurants, un jolie quartier. Bref, un bon endroit où aller.”
20local recommendations
Grocery or Supermarket
“Producteurs: bons produits frais et locaux. Producers: good fresh and local products.”
20local recommendations
Movie Theater
“Meilleur cinéma de Grenoble, Art et essai grand public Best movie theatre in town, not blockbusters, in original language with subtitles.”
19local recommendations
“To have a walk, listen to a concert or take the telepherique to the Bastille!”
14local recommendations
“The Musée de Grenoble - considered to be one of the best Fine Arts muséums outside of Paris. The gardens are also a nice place to stroll and picnic”
18local recommendations
Sporting Goods Shop
“Le centre commercial de la caserne de Bonne, est un centre commercial de conception innovante (technique dite "HQE") dont l'entrée est située à l'angle du boulevard Gambetta et de la rue Berthe-de-Boissieux, à proximité immédiate du secteur des Grands Boulevards. Une autre entrée se trouve à l'angle de la rue Marceau et de la rue Berthe-de-Boissieux (côté des magasins Naturalia et Monoprix). Il est intégré à l'écoquartier de Bonne à Grenoble, aménagé en lieu et place de l'ancienne caserne militaire de Bonne construite en 1884, d'où il tire son nom. Le patronyme de Bonne étant lui-même issu de François de Bonne, également connu par son titre de duc de Lesdiguières, mort en 1626.”
13local recommendations
History Museum
“Unique and impressive space to see the evolution of Grenoble's most fascinating churches and nécropoles. Archéological museum! And it's free! Great place to start your hike to the Bastille. ”
15local recommendations
“Pub irlandais typique en plein centre avec une super vue sur les montagnes. Très animé”
14local recommendations