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Best things to do in Graz

“One of Graz’s most recognisable features and standing proudly in the centre of the city, the Schlossberg is a tree-covered hill that once served as a fortress and has now been converted into a public park. The history of the Schlossberg goes back to the 10th century and has been a main point of fortification and defence for the city. All that remains now is the iconic clock tower which is one of the major attractions of Graz. The Schlossberg has a beautiful park and an ornate set of stairs that criss-cross up the side of the hill and is the perfect place to see views of the city.”
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“They also have adjacent to the Museum a cafe/restaurant to stop by for a cup of coffee or cocktail.”
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“A blue bubble of art. Designed by the world-famous architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier, the Kunsthaus hovers elegantly and mysteriously over the right bank of the River Mur. The Kunsthaus Graz’s spectacular biomorphic shape makes it an unmissable icon of the city.”
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Austrian Restaurant
“Styrian local high quality food with a nice vinothek - relaxed, hip - make reservations ”
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Opera House
“It is the Opera House of Graz. It was constructed in 1776. It saw many early performances of Mozart's operas. Check out the upcoming performances. It is a must!”
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“one of the nicest spots in Graz is its Murinsel (the island on the Mur river) a great architectonic place to visit and have a drink”
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“Highly recommended for a romantic walk, some nature in the sun, or a Jog. Its connected to the centre and to the schlossberg. If jogging: Check in googlemaps, one can get through the park to the behind of the schlosberg and take little up-mountain paths to the top, go down the stairs and continue jogging by the river. ”
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History Museum
“Take a look at the biggest armor collection of Austria, featuring the occupation of Graz during the pre- and medival times.”
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“City centre of the city where the Rathaus is located. The Rathaus is the official office for the mayor of the city of Graz.”
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“popular evening cafe/bistro/pub to chill and meet young people at multicultural lendplatz-area ... nice food also lots of vegetarian dishes”
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“Every Mo-Fr before until 1pm there is a market here with fresh vegetables, flowers, herbs and much more from local farmers. I always buy flowers here...”
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“Great place for the newest fashion and they cater to the whole family! Great little coffee bars inside and you may catch someone playing the grand piano on a lucky day! At the top of the shopping centre you can quench your thirst or grab a small bite to eat and take in the view of the city of Graz. Freiblick Tagescafe”
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“Nearby you will also find a great museum that has different exhibitions for children. Wonderful place for curious minds, young and old! Frida and Fred Childrens Musuem”
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Shopping Mall
“Big shopping mall, just 3 bus stops (line 50) away, everything you want to buy...”
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“Green... Trees... Sometimes drug dealers... But ducks as well... DUCKS DUCKS DUCKS”
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“a beautiful little castle with peacocks running around freely. Just a short drive out of town.”
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