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Best things to do in Eindhoven

“Famous modern and contemporary art museum in the Netherlands. Beautiful building and location in the city next to te river de Dommel. ”
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“An unique place to see how factories can be used again as shops, restaurants and housing.”
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“Stratumseind is the place to be if you want to go for a drink/dance in Eindhoven. The public is young (mostly teenagers / early twenty). It's a street stretching about 2.5 city blocks - lined with cafes and bars - it is definitely the most concentrated stretch of bars and "the place" on Thursday nights (student night) and the weekend. Whatever your preferences - you'll find it somewhere. It can be quite loud, quite crowded and quite crazy.”
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Science Museum
“Get to know all about the history of the multinational that basicly invented the city of Eindhoven”
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Soccer Stadium
“PSV stadion. Our appartment is located 'exactly' oposite the PSV stadion. ”
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Movie Theater
“Perhaps you just want to wind down and see a good movie for the night, you can do that here! ”
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“A nice park in the city center with lots of nice willow trees. Good to have a BBQ if you bring a little portable BBQ.”
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“The 'DOWN TOWN' gourmet market is an eclectic eating and gathering sanctuary. The market brings 21 individual eateries; chef driven or fast casual concepts, around a social hub and two central bars. My personal favorite is the Spanish corner, but everything is very fresh and good and the Italian ice scoops for dessert are great!! ”
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“The main concert hall in Eindhoven. All kinds of music and party, check their website for the current programme. Oh, and! Their restaurant is pretty good and super affordable. ”
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“In this part off the town center is the student part oof the town with nice resaurants, lunchrooms and coffee houses. This part is concebtrated between Wilhelminaplen, Grote Berg and Kleine Berg. In daytime and eavening its nice in the Bars and Shops.”
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“If you like trucks and their history, this is a interesting place about DAF, Dutch truck company. Kids will enjoy it too.”
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“Packed with loads of fantastic shows, there certainly will be choices to suit everyone’s taste. In their quarterly calendar on the website you will find the shows that are either fully or partially performed in English as well as shows that contain no speaking at all. ”
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“This street close to the central station is filled with restaurants and bars. You might spot Bruce Springsteen at Antonio's :)”
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“Well it's not an amusement park like Disney or anything but The Prehistoric Village is a great morning or afternoon outing with children. Check their website for events like Viking or Roman weekend.”
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