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Best things to do in Douglas County

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

National Park
“Crater Lake National Park is a MUST SEE!! Excellent hiking and photography options.”
105 locals recommend
“King State offers winery tours and has a taste room. They offer food options in a nice outdoor and indoor seating area. Gorgeous view from there!”
53 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“See one of the natural Wonders....and explore some fantastic views along the route.”
12 locals recommend
“Drive through open range where animals from almost every continent roam free - and even come up to your car to say hi! It's like an African safari right down the road.”
10 locals recommend
“I won $10,000 there, One of the nicest Casino's in Oregon,Steelhead lounge, Stix sports bar,K-bar steak house, Great Buffet, KABI Cafe, Call up for wine tour trip. ”
7 locals recommend
Travel Agency
“Florence is the northern edge of the largest sand dune national recreation area in the country. It is well worth the time and money to take a large dune buggy tour - they tell you about the dune formations, the history, and much more. ”
9 locals recommend
“Local brewery and very creative place. Outdoor seating. Families welcome. Good live music. ”
10 locals recommend
“Great atmosphere with beer brewed in the traditional English style. Wood barrels and hand pumps. The pub also hosts several guest taps with local brews on Co2. On the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month, Scott our neighbor, hosts an open mic night where local musicians play.”
8 locals recommend
“Honeyman offers camping, but also has large, accessible dunes (rentable sand boards), a lake that's great when the beach is too windy, and boats available to rent in the summer. ”
4 locals recommend
Natural Feature
“If you’re headed over Highway 58 to Eugene this is a must stop, the spectacular waterfall almost 300 foot drop. You can get some great pictures of the entire valley.”
6 locals recommend
Bike Shop
“If you are a mountain biker, camper, trail maker, outdoorsy guy or gal, kid or elder, this is the place to treat yourself to wonderful outdoor recreation gear and of course, amazing bikes for all sizes, skillset and pocketbook. Their bike repair center is top of the line and the Cog Wild Shuttle service operating out of the shop has a great reputation for serving the mountain biker to find the trail that is best for their goals. Great knowledge, friendly atmosphere and very helpful.”
6 locals recommend
“Late night bite and cocktails, fun atmosphere with great staff, dancing and comedy nights. ”
7 locals recommend
Point of Interest
“On your way up to Crater Lake, stop by the Rogue River gorge. This is where the Rogue River emerges from underground.”
3 locals recommend
“These falls are beautiful. You can get up close and personal with them. Great place to have lunch while enjoying nature. Easy to lose yourself in the magic of nature. ”
6 locals recommend
“Installations of local artists and artists from around the world. Steve Prefontaine permanent exhibit ”
4 locals recommend