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Top shops

Ice Cream Shop
“literally right next to Linger is Little Man Ice Cream -you'll know where to go since it's an ice cream shop that's shaped like a giant ice cream churn / bottle with a long a** line to it. Considered one of the best homemade ice cream shops in Denver. also a nice area around it to lounge and people watch”
  • 230 locals recommend
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“Catered to an eclectic group of diners: vegans, vegetarians, late-night club-goers and bar hoppers, the gluten-free, and open-minded omnivores.”
  • 179 locals recommend
“The breakfast here is amazing and the service is great. Be sure to plan ahead, as the line tends to be long especially on weekends!”
  • 142 locals recommend
Donut Shop
“I use to live in Oregon where Voodoo came from so when they arrived I was excited. My fav is the voodoo doll donut. This establishment is CASH only.”
  • 136 locals recommend
Coffee Shop
“Modern Coffee spot. Good variety on the menu and good coffee. Maybe the most popular coffee shop in RINO.”
  • 131 locals recommend
Sporting Goods Shop
“REI’s flagship store - worth a visit, as it’s huge and they often have activities going on too. Check their website.”
  • 139 locals recommend
Breakfast Spot
“Great breakfast! Get there early! Close to the botanical gardens, science museum and zoo! ”
  • 96 locals recommend
Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurant
“This place is great for picky eaters and there are plenty of vegan options!”
  • 121 locals recommend

Shopping malls

Shopping Mall
“Denver has many shopping areas, but this one is particularly nice with a good combination of stores of all kinds, from art galleries to sporting goods, combined with a wide range of food establishments (more than 50 of them).”
  • 320 locals recommend
Pedestrian Plaza
“A mile-long pedestrian promenade is in the heart of downtown. Explore outdoor cafes, street performers and trendy restaurants. There is also a bowling alley on the 3rd floor of the Pavilions and a big arcade with one of the biggest Pac-mans ever. The free shuttle runs in the middle of the mall from the Civic Center to Union Station. ”
  • 308 locals recommend
“Well known downtown Denver "block" with restaurants and periodically events.”
  • 117 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Downtown on the 16th street mall, great kick off place to people watch, shop and explore downtown area”
  • 49 locals recommend
Shopping Plaza
“Great place with small shops, restaurants, brewery, ice cream and constant events! ”
  • 62 locals recommend
Pedestrian Plaza
“You can get around easily all through downtown with bike carriage services (you'll have to flag one of those guys down. They will have huge calves), cheap bikes, scooters, free mall bus, Lift, Uber, regular buses. Downtown”
  • 51 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“Cute outdoor walking mall with bars, a theatre, restaurants and commercial and mom and pop shops”
  • 27 locals recommend
Shopping Mall
“This is NOT a unique shopping spot - but if you need a basic mall, this one is just a couple of exits down the highway from my location.”
  • 20 locals recommend


“Restaurants: *Cultured Meat and Cheese: great charcuterie board, great breakfast sandwiches on Rosenberg bagels *Vero: BEST pizza in the city (according to Kat:-) *SKProvisions: elevated deli/diner food *Green Seed: Peanut Butter Soba time is a fab dish + Vegan! Huge salads + smoothies *The Local Butcher: Butcher counter plus also BBQ *Tammens Fish Market: Fish counter plus food- the Poke on seaweed salad instead of rice-sooo good. *Izzio Bakery: Bakery and pasteries to die for! Hopping Breakfast fare *Temper Chocolates and Confections: Local Chocolatier. Enough said. *High Point Creamery: The BEST ice cream w/any type of dietary restriction covered here. *Crema bodega: A proper bodega- get your eggs, cheese and oatmilk latte in the same place. *Curio: Bar-great drinks and cocktails.”
  • 133 locals recommend
“Great prices on produce and 5.00 sushi Wednesdays! They have many specialty item like vegan and gluten free. They also have a deli and meat counter and a stock of nutritional supplements.”
  • 7 locals recommend
Food Court
“New to Denver in early 2019, this place has something for everyone... from sushi to empanadas to pizza to Indian to ramen to pasta to fried chicken. Fast/casual food and vibe, but also a place you can hang for a few hours and with decor and a vibe that encourages you to stick around. There's also a beer wall with lots of great options too (though check pricing before filling up on some of the pricier beers to avoid sticker shock!).”
  • 12 locals recommend
Fish Market
“This is actually one of the best seafood markets in Denver. If you feel like grilling fresh fish, stop by (but check their hours, they close when they sell out of the good stuff). ”
  • 7 locals recommend
“Great upscale/gourmet market. You can get booze here, to die for take away sandwiches, weird little chocolates. Across the street from Watercourse.”
  • 71 locals recommend
“A large Asian Market/grocery store. Try jack fruit if they have it. It's so delicious.”
  • 3 locals recommend
Floating Market
  • 1 local recommends
“Brand new International Market place with Korean BBQ and a fun market experience.”
  • 2 locals recommend