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Sightseeing in County Meath

Historic Site
“Visitor centre for Neolithic passage tomb cemetery in the bend of the Boyne.”
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Historic Site
“It is believed Diomoc, a disciple of St. Patrick and St. Benen, founded this church. By c.1270 it was in the ownership of the Knights Templars of Kilsaran. They dedicated the church to St. Catherine. The Knights Templars held it until the suppression of their order in 1314. It then passed to the Knights Hospitallers until they were suppressed by Henry VIII in 1540. The church is more famously known as the 'Jumping Church'. The west gable wall of the church has jumped inward to a few feet from its foundations. This is believed to have happened in February 1715 during a storm. However, legend says the enchanting wall of the church moved in 1715 to exclude the grave of an excommunicated man outside the building.”
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Historic Site
“The first Cistercian monastery in Ireland founded in 1142 by St Malachy of Armagh, its most unusual feature is the octagonal Lavabo c. 1200.”
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