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Tambon Hai Ya
Garden to Table Culinary Experience
From Previous price:$55Discounted price:$44 / person
Private trekking highest mt By lensman
From Price:$91 / person
Tambon Si Phum
Explore Doi Inthanon National Park
From Price:$41 / person
Chiang Mai
Thai Traditional Yantra Tattoo
From Price:$76 / person
Tambon Pa Daet
Cookventure Home Cooking Studio
From Price:$31 / person
Tambon Si Phum
⭐️ Climb Sticky Waterfall like Spiderman
From Price:$46 / person
Chiang Mai Old City
Tour the Colorful Chiang Rai Temples
From Price:$50 / person
Tambon Si Phum
Foodies & Cultural Spot with a Local
From Price:$37 / person
Chiang Mai
Trekking to hidden sticky waterfalls
From Price:$66 / person
Tambon Hai Ya
Aromdii Thai cooking class & Market tour
From Price:$25 / person
Chiang Mai
Adventure trekking with Chani
From Price:$58 / person
Tambon Si Phum
Explore Doi Suthep in the Evening
From Price:$29 / person
Tambon Si Phum
Chiang Mai History Museum&TempleTour
From Price:$46 / person
Chiang Mai
A Tuk Tuk Adventure in rural Chiang Mai
From Price:$122 / person
Chiang Mai
DIY Silver with Legendary Silversmith
From Previous price:$46Discounted price:$37 / person
Chiang Mai
Get your real Sak Yant Tattoo included
From Price:$73 / person
Si Phum
1 day trip of 9 temples in Chiang Mai
From Price:$106 / person
Chiang Mai
Enjoy Tasty Street Food in Chiang Mai
From Price:$39 / person
Tambon Si Phum
Coffee Connoisseur, Local-Cafe Hopping
From Price:$49 / person
Tambon Chang Moi
Afternoon picnic and Chiang Mai dialiect
From Price:$13 / person