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Best things to do in Centro

Discover the city according to locals. Find the best things to do, places to eat, and get priceless advice from the people who live here.

Science Museum
“Forward-thinking museum devoted to science and better understanding our natural world. Free to all visitors on Tuesdays. ”
414 locals recommend
Cultural Center
“It is ons of the biggest art centers in the world. It holds art exhibitions, theaters, historial exhibitions, music and other activities. The building located at the heart of the most conserved "old Rio" quarter is also astonishing.”
269 locals recommend
“The most beautiful classic theater in Rio de Janeiro city, inspired in the Opera de Paris. Walking tours available (check on their website for days and hours). Watching a play is also an option, with good prices on the higher floors. ”
266 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Beautiful architecture and you can walk around and sightseeing by the park with a view of Guanabara’s bay and Sugar Loaf. ”
251 locals recommend
Music Venue
“Party on nights and lunch on morning. Quiet expensive but it’s really good.”
316 locals recommend
Japanese Restaurant
“Lapa is the New Orleans of Rio, in part due to its historic colonial buildings — in other part due to its samba-centric streets! Come here from 9pm onward and you'll find unrivaled street parties, the Carioca Aqueduct and the famous Escadaria Selaró. ”
346 locals recommend
Art Museum
“ - inaugurated in 2013, top floor dedicated to original prints of old Rio)”
184 locals recommend
Historic Site
“Tiles from everywhere. Try to find the tile from your city while walking by the stairs. Best to visit in the morning, but it’s safe to visit on weekends night as well.”
180 locals recommend
Pastry Shop
“One of the most important cafés in Rio's history. The inside is stunning and not to be missed! ”
209 locals recommend
Outdoor Sculpture
“This is one of the main touristic attractions in the neighborhood, you've got to check this out! ”
203 locals recommend
Historic Site
“A nive belvedere intalled on the ruins of an old magnificent mansion.. with a 360 degrees wonderful view.”
153 locals recommend
“A young, vibrant nightclub with a bar & pool tables, plus a dance floor with live samba & sertanejo.”
147 locals recommend
Event Space
“Where the carnaval happens. You can see the place in the morning and take some pictures.”
122 locals recommend
“Moderno aquário com fauna tropical. Ótimo passeio para crianças e adultos de todas as idades. / Modern aquarium with tropical marine fauna. Great for kids and adults of all ages!”
66 locals recommend
“Gema means "egg yolk" in Brazilian Portuguese, and the Carioca or Rio native is hence the "yolk" of the Rio de Janeiro egg. Carioca da Gema is a smaller and more intimate club and was one of the first Samba Dance Clubs to open in Lapa.”
124 locals recommend
Art Museum
“Historic architecture next Municipall theatre. There are famous paints. Take subway until Cinelândia station .”
79 locals recommend