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Historic Site
“Situated in Piazza Bra, the amphitheatre of Verona was built in the first half of the 1st century A.D. (between the end of Augustus‘ reign and the beginning of Claudius). After the Colisseum and the Capuan amphitheatre, the Arena is the third largest of its kind in Italy. Its elliptical shape enhances the acoustic quality of the performances and also allows seating-space for thousand of spectators.”
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“It is Italy's most famous theme park and ranked among the top eight theme parks in Europe: Gardaland theme park does not need any introduction!”
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“Zoo / Safari. Dista 2,4 km da Viva Solution. Zoo / Safari. It is 2.4 km from Viva Solution.”
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Water Park
“Caneva acquapark is a unique splash adventure! Enjoy many rides with family and friends! ”
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Art Gallery
“Visit the utmost famous balcony in the world, Juliet's. Don't forget to touch her breast for good luck and fortune.”
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Theme Park
“Familien-Vergnügungspark mit Kino-Themen Attraktionen, Attraktionen und Unterhaltung. Family-friendly amusement park featuring movie-themed rides, attractions & entertainment. Parco divertimenti per famiglie con attrazioni a tema cinematografico, attrazioni e intrattenimento.”
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“very old middle age castel compleately restored by Arch Scarpa. It has a collection of old painting ”
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“Il Museo è un centro permanente di esposizione archeologica di Verona. Durante l'estate è utilizzato per rappresentare spettacoli musicali, teatrali e di danza The museum is the permanent center of Verona's archeological exhibition. During summertime we have the theatrical "veronese" summer festival going on with concerts, theater performances and ballet”
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Theme Park
“Gardaland is an amusement park located in North-Eastern Italy. Opened 19 July 1975, the resort includes Gardaland, Gardaland Sea-Life, and the Gardaland Hotel. It is adjacent to Lake Garda, but does not actually face the water. The entire complex covers an area of 445,000 m2 (4,789,940 sq ft), while the theme park alone measures 200,000 m2 (2,152,782 sq ft). Sporting both traditional attractions and entertainment shows, it attracts nearly 3 million visitors every year. In June 2005, Gardaland has been ranked fifth in the top ten amusement parks in the world with the best turnover by Forbes Magazine, and according to 2011 data is the eighth in Europe by number of park ”
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“Gardaland il parco divertimenti più grande d'Europa con attrazioni mozzafiato e la nuova area Peppa Pig Land, Insieme puoi visitare l'aquario Sea Life. MovieLand parco con attrazioni dedicate al cinema e Caneva World immenso parco acquatico del Garda. A pochi Km il parco giardino Sigurtà.”
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Wine Bar
“Only reachable by car, it's a stunning little medieval town, one of my favourite places ever.”
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“A day out: Spa near Negrar Aquardens We highly recommend a day out in this spa with its thermal baths. Ask us for discounts. The park is open all day from 10.00 until late, and as the water is warm, it doesn't matter if the weather isn't great. . If you're thinking of going, we can explain the best way to get there. The website gives you more information about the pools. The spa is well kept, clean and quiet. ”
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Theme Park
“se avete bambini non solo per i bambini Gardaland è il parco dei divertimenti per tutta all famiglia!!! fantastico un sogno....indimenticabile”
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Historic Site
“Per rivivere la storia dei Gonzaga. Un vero tuffo nella storia. Uno dei complessi monumentali più vasti d'Europa (34.000 mq. circa) che fu reggia della famiglia Gonzaga (la visita dura circa 2 ore).”
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“This large venue, situated towards Lake Garda, is young Italy at its most glamorous and effervescent best. Twenty-somethings from around the region flock here, especially on a Friday and Saturday night, to dance to the sounds of Italian superstars and big international artists. Regularly changing DJs and exotic cocktails are matched with special dance nights and events. Visit:”
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Historic Site
“Visiting Verona is a dive into the ancient emotions of a city that, even with a constant and modern expansion, preserves all the values of the splendid medieval and Renaissance ages. "There is no world outside these walls..." Shakespeare was a poet, but that sentence summarize the real tourists' impression once in town. The tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet that Shakespeare set in the city under the rule of the Della Scala family, makes it one of the favourite destinations of couples and romantic tourists. In the historical centre you will experience a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, marked by the river Adige which crosses the city shaping - with an impressive system of bridges – a large and soft "S". Summer might be the best time to visit Verona, spending a night to enjoy a stunning opera in the local Arena. This Roman amphitheatre can seat 15000 people and some of the best artists in the world stage unforgettable theatrical representations, that must be attended at least once in your life! Verona is one of the oldest and most beautiful Italian cities: it counts about 250000 inhabitants and can be considered the biggest city in the Veneto region, just after Venice. Located nearby the Lake Garda, on the river Adige's banks, at the foot of the Venetian Prealps, it boasts a very good climatic position. Verona is at the centre of the main national and international ways of communication: this is the reason why it has always been an important trading centre, also thanks to the good local industrial and agricultural production. We do not have certain information about the origins of the name, but the first historic news about Verona dated back to the III century BC, when it was inhabited by the Venetians. The city became a Roman colony in 89 BC, some of the busiest Roman streets passed for Verona, indeed: Claudia Augusta, Postumia, Gallica. During the barbaric invasions, Theodoric settled in Verona is kingdom in Verona and built a sumptuous castle on top of San Pietro Hill. Even Berengario, elected King of Italy, chose Verona as his own residence. During the Middle Ages Verona became a free commune and reached the maximum splendour under the rule of the Della Scala family. After a brief domination by the Visconti and Carraresi families, in 1405 the city gave itself up the the Republic of Serenissima. The rule of Venice lasted about four-hundred years, until the French invasion in 1797. With the Treaty of Campo Formio (October 1797), Napoleon gave Verona and most of the lands nearby to Austria. Under the Austrian domination, Verona was one of the Quadrilatero's strongholds (the Quadrilatero was the defensive system of the Austrian Empire in the Lombardy-Venetia, which connected the fortresses of Peschiera, Mantua, Legnago and Verona between the Mincio, the Po and Adige Rivers). In 1866, a plebiscite linked up Verona with the Kingdom of Italy.”
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