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Best bars in Roma

“The breakfast is served here, just below the house. Great pasta, food bio, fresh pasta, artigianali beer. The most beautiful carbonara in Roma, best price!”
2local recommendations
Beer Garden
“Come relax here after a long day of exploring the Vatican! This pub offers great cocktails, tasty food, and a laid-back atmosphere, and live music.”
4local recommendations
Wine Bar
“This place have very good wine and appetizer selection, very well designed and near the house.”
5local recommendations
“Sfiziarte is a small space with bar seats only. However, there you can find fresh and tasty food at very affordable price. Highly recommended!”
3local recommendations
“Ottimo bar dove fare una abbondante colazione non appena siete pronti per uscire.... al numero 83!”
2local recommendations
“Restaurant&Pub Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo Excellent relationship between quality and price”
1local recommendations