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Sightseeing in Algeria

“The Jardin Majorelle in the city center is a must. Combine with the Yves Saint Laurent Museum just in front if you want to feel the hype of the old Marrakech fashion tradition. ”
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Historic Site
“XI Century Castle right in the center of Malaga, whose name means 'citadel' in Arab. A landmark of Malaga, a must see! Visit it free on Sundays after 2PM. Hint: take the elevator on Calle Guillén Sotelo, 1, 29016 Málaga directly into the castle. No lines! ”
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“This square in the medina is a 'must see'. Its a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that comes alive at sunset when the street vendors and performers come alive”
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“The main characteristics of this old street in Malaga is its cultural identity. Formerly it was even dangerous to walk around it at certain times of the night, today it is totally safe and it is also the scene of various activities throughout the year. During the Malaga Film Festival the street wears its best clothes with a red carpet. In August and during the Malaga fair, this street is one of the main meeting points during the day. Every year during the month of September takes place the Larios Malaga Fashion Week, a fashion catwalk of Haute Couture for two days and with an influx of public that is around 30,000 people. At Christmas, Larios Street dresses up. Every year it is illuminat”
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“Built in the first Century by Emperor Augustus, but discovered only on 1951 (!), is one of the most preserved roman theatres. You can even enjoy a real play during the summer. Enter, sit and feel like a roman descendant, for free - entrance by the Alcazaba palace. Or enter by the interpretation center (left side of the theatre) and discover also the interior. ”
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“Iconic Muslim Castle tells you about the rich history of this land. I recommend taking the Lift right behind the Town Hall to avoid walking up hill but walking down hill instead after admiring the outstanding views.”
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“Fortress-castle on the hill, nice stroll up, amazing view from the Belvedere and the top. Visit the castle free on Sundays after 2PM.”
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“A little bit of authenticity. Local Cuban flavour old fashion building. It has its own beach and restaurant. You can also have a cocktail at the top roof terrace at night over looking the Sea and City or a coffee in the afternoon. ”
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Science Museum
“the highest building (tower) in the old part of Cadiz with a beautiful 360 degree view over the town. 5e entrance fee”
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“Too much to tell about this historic old castle at the southern entrance to the Casco Historico. Go there and find out for yourself ! Great views to Africa across the Gibraltar Straits”
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“some royal or religious paintings (botticelli etc) and Catholic king and Queen personal objects.”
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“The Alhambra is the second most visited site in Europe. This breathtaking palace/city is a sophisticated blend of medieval, Islamic, Renaissance, Christian and modern architectural styles. Definitely worth a visit. I'd recommend you book on line before visiting to avoid the queues.”
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“All too often, visitors to Marbella fly in and out of Málaga without realising what a stunning city this truly is. In comparison, Marbella is just a small town (a gorgeous, coastal, beach town, but still just a town). Málaga is a vast city filled with life and culture and history. It is the home of Picasso, Spain's revered painter and the pulse of the city (in my humble opinion) can be felt and experienced in Calle Larios. While this is considered Málaga's main shopping street, I'm including it here a place to visit because it is beautiful, is in the heart of Málaga and serves as the main artery from which everything else stems. From here, you will find the main cathedral in all its spectacular glory. From here, you can find your way to the Picasso Museum (a must visit). From here, you can spend an evening at El Pimpi Restaurant (which is an experience like no other). From here, you will walk along ancient Roman ruins that you never knew we had. From here, you can walk down to the beautiful Muelle Uno (Málaga's Pier) and browse the shops and eat in the restaurants and cafés. Málaga is the start of your holiday in Marbella but it is so much more. This city is wondrous if you only wander through it... And it all starts from the emblematic Calle Larios. ”
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“9 mn ride: the place is UNESCO's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity known for its active concentration of traditional activities by storytellers, musicians and performers. ”
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“El castillo de Santa Catalina es una fortificación de Cádiz situada en La Caleta que se adentra en el mar gracias a unas escolleras. Fue construido en el siglo XVI. The castle of Santa Catalina is a fortification of Cádiz located in La Caleta that goes into the sea thanks to breakwaters. It was built in the sixteenth century.”
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“If you head a bit further East, you’ll get to the beach of Baños del Carmen. This is a relatively unspoilt and quiet beach, covered with coarse pebbles, gravel and boulders. From here you can catch a glimpse of the now dilapidated resort of Baños del Carmen”
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