Rosie's Cove ❤ Riverbend CozyCorner

Apartment - Shared room · Maple Street, New Orleans, LA 70118, United States

The Space

Perfect for the happy, flexible, eco-friendly, budget, "rose-colored lens" traveler seeking tropical flair, simple luxury, international community & fabulous neighborhood!


❤ Welcome To Rosie's Cove! ❤

Rosie or Rosy /ˈrōzē/ :
Bright, Cheerful, Optimistic
Flushed With A Healthy Glow
Consisting Of Or Decorated With Roses
Having The Characteristic Pink Or Red Color Of A Rose
Seeing The World Through Rose Colored Lenses

Rosie's Cove is a true intentional community building, healthy living, eco-friendly environment and good, old fashioned fun!

The information posted here will help you, the potential guest, to make the best accommodation choice for yourself. If you're looking for run of the mill accommodations without a lot of character, passion, worldly mission, or soul ~ you won't find that here. On the other hand, if you are looking for the most compassionate, joyous, collective, global human experience wrapped up into authentic, unique, hand tended, well loved (email hidden)sie's Cove is the right place for you!!

Kindly take the time to read through the full listing, guest reviews, and message exchanges with the host. Be sure to ask questions if there is any information you do not understand or wish to be clarified before you book. Sending a reservation request means you have read, understood, agree to, and are fully responsible for Airbnb, as well as Rosie's Cove policies once the reservation has been accepted. Rosie's Cove wishes for all guests to be delighted with their choices as well as to enjoy the unique character, community, and rose colored experience of The Cove in peace and harmony!

~❀~ Rosie's Cove Mission & Overview ~❀~

Rosie's Cove is fueled by teamwork, sustainability, and respect! Low rates, clean living, healthy atmosphere and peaceful vibe are generated by a community of guests taking a sense of responsibility and care for enjoying and protecting The Cove's 'ecosystem'. As part of this commitment, throughout the apartment, you will find many furnishings, bedding, decorations, cleaning products, body products, and food that are natural style, organic, fair trade, sustainably harvested, and/or locally produced.

We learn from and share with each other so, please be sure to leave your positive impact in the apartment just as Rosie's Cove hopes to do with you~everyone and everything that enters The Cove has a story! Rosie's Cove heartily believes in considering the impact of our choices for seven generations and living simply that others may simply live!

Let's get started!

~❀~ Rosie's Cove ✰ Riverbend Cozy Corner ~❀~

There are 4 accommodations to choose from at Rosie's Cove:
Riverbend Gem ~ Master Bedroom, Queen Bed
Riverbend Nook ~ Bedroom-Den, Full-Double Bed
Riverbend Sweet Spot ~ Common Room, Double Futon
Riverbend Cozy Corner ~ Common Room, Single Futon

This listing is for Rosie's Cove Riverbend Cozy Corner single futon which provides sleeping accommodations for one guest.

Cozy, colourful linens, handmade furnishings, gorgeous vintage wood floors, and zen garden decorations give the room a peaceful aura and glow! Furnishings include double futon and single futon, dining table with three ottoman stools and yuyu chair, ottoman chair, desk with chair, 2 hand painted tables, small entertainment center table, 2 retro stools, stained glass lamp, Himalayan salt crystal lamp, honeycomb paper lantern, and string lights. Large window plus ceiling fan, window fan, and A/C when necessary above futon provides very fresh, light, airy and breezy room! Luscious natural light and flowy curtains provide soothing, gentle daytime ambience; lovely, soft, decorative lamps provide gentle night time experience. Shared bathroom. Soft, cozy linens. Some natural bath/body products and hair dryer available. Guests should bring or purchase upon arrival their own, personalized toiletries as desired. Full access to amenities of the apartment including bathroom, kitchen, patio, washer & dryer. Breakfast available upon request for additional fee depending upon availability of host and desires of guest. Tea, coffee, cookies &/or fruit always available!

Rosie's Cove Riverbend Cozy Corner is perfect for individuals and couples, students, young professionals, late-night crowd, sound sleepers, and any flexible travelers looking for a gorgeous, homey, happy, fun, communal, peaceful place to stay on a budget! Rosie's Cove Riverbend Cozy Corner also, is the closest room to the kitchen where you are apt to find Rosie's Cove Proprietress brewing up some fresh herbal teas, simmering a pot of homemade soup, baking fresh bread or dicing a salad with local veggies from the community garden :*) Come on in for a taste!

This is a shared 'shotgun' style Common Room/Living Room (each room connects to the following room, like beads connect to each other on a necklace). As the Common Room is shared, other guests will pass through it to reach the kitchen, bathroom, front door, and their bedrooms. Other guests will use common amenities during the day, such as the futons as couches and dining table, but will retire to their rooms at night unless booked for the other futon in the Common Room. Shared living space is with all of Rosie's Cove guests and shared sleeping room is with Rosie's Cove Riverbend Sweet Spot single futon, i.e. one other traveler or on occasion, the host. Please be sure you feel comfortable staying in a shared space if you choose to select this room. The room is relaxed and peaceful however, guests may choose to bring earplugs or purchase them at one of two pharmacies in the neighborhood. On a privacy scale, Rosie's Cove rates this room 5 out of 10.

Guests choosing this space will be responsible for opening the futon into a bed and placing linens on it at night, as well as closing the futon back into a couch and neatly folding linens/stashing in bin next to futon during the day. Guests choosing this space also will be responsible for keeping their belongings tidy and respectful to others using the room both during the day and night. This is a Common Room and will be used by other guests, as well as the host, during the day and sometimes night. Shared Common Room areas such as double futon, single futon, ottoman seat, dining table, desk, and floor space must be kept clean and free from debris during the day and night. Though this room is available for guests to stay at night, it is not a bedroom rather--a Common Room--and will be used by all guests, as well as hosts during the day.

As noted, this is a shared apartment. Each room is priced according to amenities, size, and level of privacy. Please be prepared to enjoy the communal style living offered and that you are selecting if you choose Rosie's Cove for your stay. Guests should also be aware that if you choose to stay during festivals, holidays, graduations, or large-scale events, you are coming at peak time and each room may be fully booked. If you feel you are looking for ultra private accommodations with your own bathroom, entrance, or amenities that should be catered only to your needs...this may not be the best fit for you. All are welcome but please choose this location based on your level of enjoyment with the offerings and interacting with other guests rather than simply on price or convenience. Rosie's Cove is Holistically-oriented for all!

Tea, coffee, cookies & fruit always available! Breakfast available upon request for additional fee depending on availability of host and guest desires.

Please, visit Rosie's Cove Riverbend Gem and Riverbend Nook on Airbnb for full details including Guidebook with an ever-growing list of local recommendations! You'll have to search close up on the map to find Rosie's's buried under all the neighborhood restaurants ;*)

Be sure to search Rosie's Cove New Orleans online for our blog with full, detailed information and lots of helpful, new links!

Please visit Rosie's Cove Riverbend Gem Guidebook on Airbnb for an ever-growing list of local recommendations! You'll have to search close up on the map to find the's buried under all the neighborhood restaurants ;*)

~Check-In Begins at Noon / Check-Out Ends at Noon
~Free Street Parking In & Around Riverbend Neighborhood
~French Quarter Approx 5 Miles
~Airport Approx 12 Miles, Train/Bus Station Approx 4 Miles


~✿~ Rosie's Cove Rates ~❀~


Rosie's Cove Riverbend Gem ~ Master Bedroom With Balcony Overlooking Park
$50/Person/Nite, $75/Couple/Nite
$300/Person/Week, $450/Couple/Week
($25/Nite For 3rd Person On Stowaway/Airbed)
~Weekly Rate Includes *FREE* 7th Nite In Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Summer Special During Various Listed Dates In July & August, $60/Couple/Nite, $360/Couple/Week

Rosie's Cove Riverbend Nook ~ Bedroom/Den
$40/Person/Nite, $50/Couple/Nite
$240/Person/Week, $300/Couple/Week
~Weekly Rate Includes *FREE* 7th Nite In Den

Rosie's Cove Riverbend Sweet Spot ~ Common Room
$30/Person/Nite, $40/Couple/Nite
$210/Person/Week, $280/Couple/Week

Rosie's Cove Riverbend Cozy Corner ~ Common Room

**Above specials do not apply to holidays, festivals, graduations and other large events when basic rates apply

$50/Person/Nite For All Rooms

Private Guest Stays available. All Private Guest Stays will be assessed a separate cleaning fee and security deposit. Please, inquire for more information and pricing.

All Guest-Shares will be assessed a $100 security deposit. Private Guest Stays will be assessed a higher security deposit according to number of rooms and guests in reservation.

Nominal cleaning fee of $15 per booking is charged for natural cleaning supplies and weekly housekeeping service. Although sheets and towels are provided, cleaning fee does not include linen service, daily housekeeping in guest room, or guest check-out responsibilities.

Rosie's Cove offers healthy-style accommodations for all! Rosie's Cove is a smoke-free environment. This includes both indoor and outdoor spaces--apartment, balcony, courtyard patio, shed, steps, walkways outside of entrances--or anywhere on or near the premises. Guests smoking anywhere on premises will kindly be asked to leave without refund. Rosie's Cove also is unable to accommodate guests who intend to smoke off of the property and then return to the apartment--due to the lingering smoke smell. Guests smoking off premises and returning smelling heavily of smoke will kindly be asked to leave without refund.

The above house rule does not include guests occasionally attending clubs and bars where smoking is permitted since smoking is still commonplace in many New Orleans clubs and bars. However, to protect clientele, bartenders, and musicians, many local music and drink venues have voluntary committed to offering a smoke-free atmosphere! Check out 'Let's Be Totally Clear New Orleans' online for a regularly updated list of smoke free venues and daily shows.

Please remember, Rosie's Cove is my home--not a vacation rental. Kindly treat the apartment with respect and gentleness, just as the host strives to do with all guests!

Rosie's Cove seeks to make rates affordable and sustainable for single travelers, as much as couples, families, and groups. Why should single travelers have to pay the price of two? Be sure to inquire about our Student, Volunteer, Family, Group & International Travel Discounts!

~✿~ Rosie's Cove Accommodations~❀~

The best of Big Easy living full of character and charm! Come stay in this beautiful New Orleans apartment on the 2nd floor of a mixed architectural Double Gallery-Creole Cottage-Shotgun Style home where you will watch ships go by above rooftops from the balcony, smell authentic NOLA & ethnic cooking of restaurant owners from around the world, have a peaceful night's sleep in a super comfy bed, and receive top-notch TLC!

Choose from Master Bedroom or Bedroom-Den both fully, furnished. right, colorful rooms, barge board wood floors, natural-style furnishings, cathedral ceilings, ceiling fans, exposed brick fireplaces, huge double hung European windows providing light all day. Shared kitchen, common room (dining/sitting), breakfast bar, full bathroom, balcony overlooking historic park, tree & rooftop view of neighborhood from all rooms, large gated patio with seating and saltwater dipping pool in warm months, neighborhood WiFi, W/D. Combination of Queen Bed (Master Bedroom), Full-Double Bed (Bedroom Den), Double Futon and Single Futon (Common Room) plus single airbed upon request. Soft, cozy towels, linens & bedding provided. Children welcome!

Apartment amenities include heat and air conditioning. Heat includes room heaters, available any time, which keep each room nice and toasty! Air conditioning includes two high-powered window units, one in Master Bedroom, one in Common Room, which keep entire apartment cool. A/C units installed in windows from approximately, beginning of May through Mid-October. Plentiful ceiling and window fans, along with heat repelling curtains, are provided in each room throughout the year for maximum comfort!

Please be aware that the temperature of the apartment, while somewhat flexible in each room, is determined overall by the host with the greatest comfort level of current guests taken into account. It is recommended that any potential guests seeking precise environmental control for their space should keep this in mind when booking accommodations.

Premises include approximately 800 square feet of indoor apartment space plus approximately 800 square feet of outdoor balcony & patio space which includes shed with laundry room for a total of approximately 1600 square feet of usable guest space.

Please note: Rosie's Cove is not a hotel, motel, or bed & breakfast. It is my sweet, cozy home where I live and work, as well as invite family, friends, clients, and travelers looking for natural style living accommodations to share with me while enjoying the fun & leisure of New Orleans!

~✿~ Rosie's Cove Neighborhood ~❀~

Historic, charming, quaint, pedestrian friendly neighborhood. Hop on St Charles/Carrollton Streetcar or bus at end of block to French Quarter, Garden District, Irish Channel, Central Business District, Warehouse District or Midcity. Easy-on, easy-off streetcar to Festivals or hop in cab and arrive in minutes. One block from Mississippi River & walking/jogging/biking trail. Dine in restaurants galore featuring world-class New Orleans & international cuisines. Walk, bike or drive through the Riverbend & adjoining neighborhoods enjoying boutiques, cafes, bars & clubs with world-renowned New Orleans jazz, blues, cajun, funk, rock, reggae music & more. Walk to Maple, Oak, St Charles, Carrollton, Magazine, Tulane, Loyola, groceries, hospitals, libraries, zoo, playgrounds, and parks including Dublin, Audubon, Palmer, Danneel, Doggie, Levee & community pool in Audubon park.

~✿~ About Rosie's Cove ~❀~

Delight in the coziness and relaxation of a home-away-from-home in this eclectic, earthy, peaceful & fun apartment with full amenities located in the historic, tree-lined, pedestrian-friendly Riverbend-Carrollton-University neighborhood of Uptown, New Orleans. Enjoy quick & easy access to the French Quarter, Marigny, Bywater, Garden District, Irish Channel, Mid-City and many, other neighborhoods via streetcar, bus, cab, bike, or on foot. Delight in the sights, sounds, and tastes of staying right in the city, amidst local artists, musicians, writers, film-makers, and chefs while walking to dozens of world-renowned clubs, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and spas. Walk one block to the Mississippi River to view the delightful, grand watershed of the Gulf South and 2/3 of the United States! Enjoy a walk, jog, or bike ride on the MRT (Mississippi River Trail) connecting Uptown and Downtown. Hop on a streetcar or bus at the end of the block for a gorgeous, relaxing ride by spacious parks with native wildlife habitats, flowering gardens, and elegant homes all under the St. Charles Avenue Live Oak Tree canopy. You may even, see some Mardi Gras beads hanging from the branches! Perfect for single travelers, couples, families and small groups seeking a fun, convenient, peaceful New Orleans experience, as well as undergraduate and graduate students desiring quick & easy access to Tulane & Loyola Universities or Oschner & Touro Hospitals.

Se Habla Español! / We Speak Spanish!

~✿~ Rosie's Cove Guests ~❀~

Friendly, peaceful, mature, positive outlook, communal, respectful guests desired.

Please visit Rosie's Cove Reviews & References to learn more about our incredible guests and their amazing stays at The Cove!

Rosie's Cove has hosted guests from diverse places around the world including 55 Countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czec Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, England, Eritrea, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands~Bonaire, Peru, Philppines, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania~Zanzibar, Trinidad, United Arab Emirates, United States Of America, Vietnam, Wales; 44 States (& DC!) including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington~District Of Columbia, Washington State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming...and right here, close to home, from all over Louisiana!!

Rosie's Cove youngest guest was 9 months old and oldest guest had his 90th birthday in New Orleans! Guests of all ages welcome however, the average age of guests is generally between 20-60 years old. Travelers of all ages must be prepared to live with each other and respect each others' needs.

Lovely for seasoned travelers or newbies, individuals or groups, families, students, even locals looking for a fun, homey, relaxing authentic experience in the Big Easy.

Rosie's Cove strives for each guest to feel valued and special in this Riverbend, New Orleans 'home away from home'...because you are! We love to learn about our amazing guest. Your bio, photo, and recommendations, as well as e-messages and phone conversation (we will give you a ring once, your reservation is booked) help us to be fully, prepared for your visit! Rosie's Cove deeply, appreciates every guest's unique qualities. We always, want guests to feel respected, included, and relaxed in a gentle, community atmosphere filled with kindness and warmth while offering the utmost of privacy and personal space. Please, let us know how we can best serve you. Be sure to read our Recommendations, as well as Reviews, all of which were written by our wonderful guests who enjoyed their stays at Rosie's Cove!

~✿~ Rosie's Cove Service ~❀~

Rosie's Cove is rated on Airbnb with an overall 5 Star satisfaction rate!! Rosie's Cove works diligently to provide you with a top-notch 5 Star ★★★★★ stay and appreciates 5 Star ratings! Please, let us know how Rosie's Cove can accommodate your stay with the: greatest accuracy, freshest cleanliness, warmest check-in, most excellent communication, best locational information, and nicest value for your time, money, and enjoyment. We want your stay to feel simply, splendid!!

A more comprehensive listing of topics including: Accommodations, FAQ's, Guest Comments & Etiquette, Riverbend Neighborhood, NOLA Festivals & Additional Photos can be found by searching 'Rosie's Cove New Orleans' online. We are always, adding new, vibrant touches of elegance, charm, style, and Big Easy 'funk' to Rosie's Cove~both on location and online~and appreciate all feedback in making your experience at Rosie's Cove the best. We look forward to hosting you as our next guest!

~✿~ Rosie's Cove Lagniappe ~❀~

Guest check-out responsibilities include removing sheets from bed as well as collecting used towels and bringing all sheets/towels to laundry room, removing trash from bedroom, unwanted food from kitchen, and bathroom products brought in by guest. Guests are also expected to clean up after themselves regularly during their stay and double-check to make sure they have left the apartment clean when checking out.

In the event that the host is traveling, guests are responsible for simply washing and replacing their own linens/towels and leaving the room clean as they found it. If guest is unable to clean up after her/himself and prefers a housekeeping service through written request at time reservation is booked, an additional fee will be added to the reservation to hire a cleaning service for that room only.

~✿~ Rosie's Cove Location ~❀~

Rosie's Cove exact street address will be given upon reservation completion. Please note that the Street View Map of Rosie's Cove is from many years ago. Rosie's Cove has contacted the service provider of the Street View Map with a request for updated photos. In the meantime, our Airbnb photos show the delightful green & colorful flowerbeds facing the street, as well as the gorgeous treelined Dublin Park across the street.

Please note: Rosie's Cove is not a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast. It is my sweet, cozy home where I live and work, as well as invite family, friends, clients, and travelers looking for natural style living accommodations and/or natural wellness consulting to share with me while enjoying the fun and leisure of New Orleans!

Rosie's Cove looks forward to you being our next guest!

~✿~ Top 10 Unique Reasons To Stay At Rosie's Cove ~✿~

1. Nestled amongst world-class Carrollton-Riverbend, New Orleans restaurants & 35+ types of global cuisine, cafes, pubs, clubs, boutiques and spas built in quaint, colorful, refurbished wood houses on Maple St, Oak St, Hampson St, Dublin St, Carrollton Ave and St Charles Avenue

2. Gorgeous, open-air balcony view of famous Mississippi River levee, passing ships, and tropical Gulf South sunsets just a block away

3. Easy access to 6 parks within a mile including Dublin Park, Audubon Park, The Butterfly, Doggie Park, Palmer Park and Mississippi River Trail (MRT), which spans from its headwaters in Itasca, Minnesota through New Orleans out to the Gulf Of Mexico

4. Located at the convergence of 8 neighborhoods~Riverbend, Carrollton, Leonidas, University, Audubon, Black Pearl (Mahalia Jackson's birthplace), Uptown and Jefferson~a virtual tapestry of New Orleans life!

5. 100 year old double gallery house with newly painted exterior, and Rosie's Cove 'shotgun-style' apartment on half of second floor, overlooks historic, green Dublin park, site of local, national, and international travel getaways for hundreds of years, as well as the largest outdoor market in New Orleans after the French Market, prior to mid-1900's. Did you know that both Mahalia Jackson and Elvis Presley were born in shotgun shacks?

6. Just steps to St. Charles/Carrollton Streetcar and various city bus lines which offer easy access to any New Orleans neighborhood, as well as local festivals including Jazzfest, French Quarter Fest, Voodoo Fest, and Mardi name a few!

7. Beautiful promenade-style streets lined with Live Oak trees, blooming flowers, delightful garden patios, and friendly community offer peaceful, pedestrian-friendly walks throughout the neighborhood

8. Earthy, colorful furnishings and natural cleaning products provide guests with comfort and ease to love their trip while staying healthy and happy. Guests may wish to book Holistic/Natural Healing Sessions including yoga, organic & seasonal cooking, aromatherapy, wellness coaching and more during their stay!

9. Visits with friends and family in the neighborhood and throughout the city are made easy by having an extra place to stay

10. Natural, home cooked artisan meals, exotic herbal teas, sustainable living, local travel tips and 5 star service from award winning local, national, and international traveler, Holistic & Natural Health Consultant, Proprietress, and entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in various for-profit, as well as not-for-profit addition to 20+ years of life as local New Orleanian!

Most importantly, Rosie's Cove hosts the greatest guests in the world!! Rosie's Cove always strives to be the hostess with the mostest and serve the guestests who are bestest!!


Room type: Shared room
Bed type: Futon
Accommodates: 1
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Beds: 1
Weekly Price: $175 /week
Security Deposit: $100
Cleaning Fee: $15
Check In: 6:00 AM
Check Out: 12:00 PM (noon)
Cancellation: Strict

Overall Guest Satisfaction

Check In
  • It was my first time visiting NOLA and I had a great experience! Jennifer is so sweet and welcoming! Her home is very clean and comfortable. She is very respectful, helpful, and always made sure I was fine. As a single, female traveler, I felt safe! I felt at home! Jennifer is a great host! I highly recommend staying at Rosie's Cove! You won't regret it!

    April 2014
  • I loved Rosie's cove! So cute, great location, I felt welcome and comfortable and slept well. Jennifer is a great host. Kind and resourceful. Loved the tea and snacks - a nice touch!!

    April 2014
  • Rosie's Cove is an oasis in the city!
    I absolutely loved staying in Jennifer's bright, clean, airy shotgun apartment and would highly recommend it for the solo traveler (like me!) or friends traveling together. Jennifer is an extraordinary host who loves New
    Orleans and is excited about sharing the city with her guests. She creates an atmosphere of community and kindness and while I stayed with her, I felt like I was staying with an old friend.
    I can't wait to return to my little twin bed in The Cove!

    April 2014
  • Had a great time staying at Rosie’s Cove. I loved the location with its easy access to the St.Charles street car (one block away),local cafes, and shops. It was very comfortable and Jennifer was responsive and friendly. She was always available to answer any questions or recommend any of her favorite stomping grounds in the area. I appreciated her special attention to detail that ensured a warm and positive energy throughout the house. Everything was well prepared, tidy and clean, and the apartment is beautiful! As a solo traveler, her home was definitely a safe haven and I highly recommend her place if you’re in New Orleans.

    March 2014
  • I went to New Orleans to visit Tulane University and decided to stay at Rosie's Cove because it was not far from the campus and in a nice neighborhood. Jennifer provided not only a safe and cozy place to stay that was convenient for my purposes, but she was a supportive and encouraging friend and New Orleans guide while I was down there.

    March 2014
  • Rosie's Cove was really what I expected : a cozy home away from home. I stayed in the shared room and slept in the single futon, which was surprisingly comfortable. If you like to meet new people, definitely go for it!
    It was great for a female solo traveler like me to have people to talk to after a long day of discovery in New Orleans, and to have a homy place to stay in!
    Jennifer always made sure we had everything we needed to enjoy our stay. She was really accommodating, easy-going and of good advice.

    The place was remote from center city, which gave the opportunity to discover a very nice and less touristic neighborhood. It is worth spending time there and go for a walk. The environment was really peaceful and joyful, too!

    It really is a great value for such an inexpensive rent, I highly recommend to stay at Rosie's Cove!

    March 2014
  • I spent 4 nights at Jennifer's and had a wonderful experience. She was very welcoming and helpful and so was her place. I had the single futon and it was very cozy ! Her neighborhood is very nice and well located and easy to reach with the streetcar. I felt very safe and comfortable at her place especially as a single women travelling. Jennifer is very thoughtful about her guests and is always available to help or advice you. I would definitely recommend staying at her place and would go back myself anytime :)

    March 2014
  • Though it was my first Airbnb experience, I felt totally welcomed in her house ! I got a lot of information about New Orleans from her. Tea, snack and cookies were great, and I always relaxed in the house. The place I slept was so comfortable. She is a perfect host for me, very kind funny and helpful ! Thanks to her, I had a great time in NOLA. It is unforgettable ! I cannot thank her enough !! Definitely I recommend the place.

    March 2014
  • As others have so clearly attested, Jennifer is the epitome of a great host. She went above and beyond to offer refreshments and to makes sure everyone was comfortable and all of their questions answered. She's just good people and I'm so glad I got a chance to meet her and stay in her lovely apartment.
    I stayed in the shared room in the futon for one which I was a bit skeptical would comfortably fit my 6 ft. frame but it's truly a miracle futon! I slept great and I was always amazed in the morning when I put it back to it's original snug shape.
    The location a few blocks from the streetcar with lots of great restaurants nearby is perfect. Overall, highly recommended!

    February 2014
  • Jennifer is a wonderful, lovely host and her place is absolutely cozy! I came to New Orleans for a three months internship and Jennifer made me feel so very welcome in this city. She is always caring and making sure that her guests feel comfortable – and won’t get lost ;-) . Whenever I needed advice she would help me – either in person or via text message. You can really always count on her. The neighborhood offers nice restaurants and cafes – and it’s really safe. Jennifer and her cozy place were the best choice for starting off into a new adventure. Thanks, Jennifer for everything.

    February 2014
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✿❀~Welcome, friends!~✿❀ I am a Holistic & Natural Health Consultant who offers modalities including Yoga, Organic & Seasonal Cooking, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Feng Shui, Spirituality. I offer personalized sessions, as well as group education to individuals, families, communities, and businesses. I specialize in Women's Wellness and my passion is to help people from all over the world feel well & inspired! I spent my junior year abroad in Spain and attended the University of Madrid during the week while traveling throughout the country on many weekends and holidays. I have traveled through Andorra, Portugal, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Greece, Mexico, Israel, and Canada. I've criss-crossed the USA many times, seen incredible sights, small towns, big cities, countryside, desert, mountains, seashores and swamps. Train, bus, boat, car, plane, foot...backpack, duffel bag, suitcase, laundry bag...camping, home stays, B&B's, fancy suites ~ I'll take them all ~ and am ready for a good road trip any day of the week! I love New Orleans! And I love sharing New Orleans! I have lived in the Big Easy for over 20 years; attended, as well as worked for, Newcomb College & Tulane University for undergraduate and graduate school; am enchanted by The Crescent City's music, food, art, architecture, nature, history, diversity...and best of all community! New Orleans was voted the friendliest city in the USA and just a few minutes here will show you why. I look forward to hosting you, learning more about your culture and life experiences, and sharing my Rosie's Cove, New Orleans home with you. I love hosting people from around the world as much as global traveling and believe in good travel karma! Fantastic guests are what make hosting a unique and special experience. I always strive to be the hostest with the mostest and serve the guestests who are bestest! Be sure to visit my blogs by searching Rosie's Cove New Orleans and Jennifer Sachs Holistic Healing New Orleans online. Feel free to message me with any questions you may have about accommodations or to set up a Holistic Wellness Consultation during your stay. Sessions also available via phone, email or videochat. Se habla español. Lessez les bon temps roulez...Let the good times roll! ~Jennifer A. Sachs, Rosie's Cove Proprietress~ *♥♡❤ PEACE, LOVE & TRAVEL IN '12!! ❤♡♥*
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