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During the winter, the sun will shine in this window.
During the winter, the sun will shine in this window.
  • The LAND of Paradise Suite and the Mushroom Dome Meditation Retreat. You can rent the Suite and then use the Cabin if you wish.
  • Enjoy the tiny lights on the deck under the awning at night. (Yinon Weiss' took this magical photo: see more at
  • Lounge on the couch in the Suite: read a book or watch a movie on the 55" TV (we also have Direct TV)
  • You will have use of the Mushroom Dome Cabin which is now officially a Meditation Retreat space The spiritual energy in this mediation space is very high and pure so it makes it easy to go into a deep meditation.
  • The bed in the Suite. This skylight opens which allows you to see the view across the canyon and the forest below. It also has a dark film on it so it blocks out the light when it is closed.
  • During the winter, the sun will shine in this window.
  • This area of the Suite has a desk, a small fridge, a place to make coffee or tea and a keyboard and kids books. And a view out the skylight.
  • Enjoy the new window, blinds and the new green walls in the Mushroom. Not to mention the view of the Redwood Grove.
  • Enjoy movies or Direct TV - or just enjoy the huge Bali Painting on the wall.
  • You can make popcorn, tea or coffee here in our food prep area.
  • You can see the trees through the dome window. The LED screen we have is bigger now.
  • View from the ladder looking down. There are 2 folding chairs if you want to meditate sitting upright.
This photo doesn't show the new window or blinds.
  • You won't be able to see very many stars from the dome window - but you can from our driveway.
  • Out on the deck, you can enjoy a meal, BBQ or just relax. To the right and down the slope is the creekbed and Redwood Grove.
  • You'll feel like you're in a treehouse in the Mushroom, only it has easy access.
  • The front door and deck - before we coated the roof to waterproof it and added the awning.
  • Our Superhost, Elliot. He will be glad to greet you and show you around.
  • Sooo adorable!
  • The deck and table. We have added a BBQ.
  • This is taken in the Redwood Grove that is just down a short trail from the cabin.
  •  Here in the Mushroom, you can meditate - or fall asleep.
  • In the woods...
  • Down the path to the Cabin from our driveway.
  • The view from the cabin toward our house. The path is narrow, windy, with steps.
  • Looking down from the deck toward the winter creek.
  • Below the cabin is a Redwood Grove waiting for you to enjoy!
  • Tom Post took this amazing photo of one of our Rufus (or Allen) Hummingbird residents. See his pictures here:
  • Tom Post also took this spectacular photo of one of the many male Anna Hummingbirds here.
  • A male Annna Hummer. You're looking a little chubby there, fella.
  • You can spend time on house deck and enjoy the constant hum of the Anna Hummingbirds. During the summer, we also have Rufous and Allens: It is like a Hummer airport.
  • Waiting for a turn.
  • A female Anna Hummingbird. We have about 200-700, depending on the time of year.
  • A baby hummer.
  • A hummingbird airport with a view!
  • This is the Birdhouse that was made of the Mushroom Dome. Cute, huh?
  • This the the 80% replica in the airbnb office in San Francisco. Pretty cute!
  • Our cabin front door. It was reproduced for the replica too.
  • Miss Winterberry, one of our two goats, will give you kisses!
  • Sorry - they aren't producing milk anymore.
  • More of our feathered friends. (this is an old photo - they are bigger now)
  • This is where our guests park - on the right side please.
  • The Mushroom Dome Cabin is now a Meditation Retreat center that you are welcome to hang out in.
  • Going up the driveway from the shed to our house.
  • We have a small fridge and an electric water kettle for coffee or tea.
  • There are Whales in the Monterey Bay year-round. I took this photo on one of these tours.
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During the winter, the sun will shine in this window.
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