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Austin nights are lovely...
Austin nights are lovely...
  • Austin nights are lovely...
  • Please come in to our very eclectic home.
  • Welcome!! Put your belongings down then relax on the sofa bed.
  • Look around. We don't put away our photos. This is our home and we welcome you and your guests. You will find tons of game in the cabinet and LOTS of brochures of things to do around Austin!
  • After relaxing maybe cook a meal. The kitchen is set up for cooking! Spices and oils are supplied. There is a convection oven, Ninja, crock-pot, LOTS of bowls and dishes, and much more. We leave plenty of space in the fridge for your own groceries.
  • Cleaning supplies are out for your convenience or just put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. If full, you can run it or if you don't fill it, we will run it when it is full. I'm all about saving water!
  • There is exercise equipment but maybe you can leave that for in the morning. The day bed is actually two twin mattresses stacked. Both ready for relaxation.
  • Then stop at the workspace in the back room. WiFi info will be given upon your confirmed reservation. Notice there is a Nest mini.
  • Music for the whole family! Dancing allowed!
  • After dancing, take a nap on the Sleep Number bed?
  • This cozy log room has a comfy  Tempurpedic queen and a hide-away twin chair. Look between the logs and you will see treasures!
  • But before sleep, take your visit outside. Lounge in the grapevine covered gazebo.
  • There should be plenty of chairs in the yard. Laugh and dance and love your life!
  • After a great night sleep, Get a cup of COFFEE!!! Served with LOVE :)
  • Take your cup upstairs to enjoy the covered deck...
  • lounge there or enjoy your peaceful yoga routine.
  • Did you send your snoring guest upstairs?
  • The bathroom is in the center of the house. The light switch is above the sink next to the nightlight!!
  • Our home has a tankless hot water heater so you NEVER run out of hot water! Unless you prefer cold water, then you will want to jump in
  • the humble above ground swimming pool. Seasonal only. Taken down for the winter and replaced with a fire pit.
  • The Coffey Grounds:No cleaning fee or extra taxes!
  • Enjoy!!
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Austin nights are lovely...