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My Cessna 172 and J3 cub.
My Cessna 172 and J3 cub.
  • My Cessna 172 and J3 cub.
  • Airplane Hangar also available on Airbnb located on the same property.
  • Luxury Yurt available on the same property
  • Tree house  on property also available
  • Our NEW Turn of the Century Florida ranch house located on the same property
  • My Cessna 172 and J3 cub.
  • Mancave view of bar and loft
  • Tip tank bar (fuel tank from a jet fighter).
  • The drinking fountain works and provides a cold drink.
  • ManCave apartment/ airplane hangar.
  • AC Shelby cobra and 72 VW bug.
  • Pond in the back of the Mancave
  • I hang things from the ceiling.
  • More things I hang from the ceiling.
  • 1957 BMW Isetta.
  • This is a full size bed that's an unusual term for a bed that require spooning and cuddling.
  • American flag and don't tread on me.
  • It's a man cave what can I say.
  • Man cave is located on 25 acres along with several other Airbnb rental venues we have.
  • A fire pit with keg end tables.
  • The swinging chair is hung from the ceiling by a chain hoist it raises and lowers.
  • 1999 Plymouth prowler and a 1946 J3 cub.
  • This is the extent of our kitchen facility there is no oven or cooktop.
  • ManCave apartment/ airplane hangar.
  • This is an excellent place to say the Pledge of Allegiance in the morning.
  • Tree House on property also available
  • The pinball machine is old-school (meaning it is all relays sometimes they work sometimes they don't).
  • Staircase to the upper bedroom loft.
  • Memorabilia from the past located under the glass bar top.
  • Might have the opportunity to ride the Segway's.
  • On cold nights you're welcome to light a wood fire in the fireplace.
  • The bar is constructed of a fuel tank from a fighter jet.
  • Treehouse on property also available
  • Wardrobe in the upper loft and foldout bed when you need it.
  • ManCave apartment/ airplane hangar.
  • We ask our guests to mark where there from.
  • Inside the hangar with the cub Isetta and Shelby cobra. Notice the segues on the back wall..
  • A collection of old movies and DVD music.
  • I warn you this is a spooning bed. But there is a couch on the first floor.
  • ManCave apartment/ airplane hangar.
  • ManCave apartment/ airplane hangar.
  • ManCave apartment/ airplane hangar.
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My Cessna 172 and J3 cub.
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