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* Private Room for 1 people

Private Room Seoul

The Space
Accommodates: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1
Beds: 2
Room type: Private room


Weekly Price: $280 /week
Monthly Price: $1200 /month
Cancellation: Strict


The Space

[ Monthly contract ]
* Private Room for 1 girl: 900,000 KRW(nothing else more to pay)
* Shared Room for 2 girls: 600,000 KRW (nothing else more to pay)
(All Utility fees is included in Monthly fee such as Gas, Water, Electricity and WiFi
* No Key Money / No Guarantor.
* At least 1 month stay required.

There are two beds, two closet drawers and two portable desks in one room. And there are two portable desks with desk drawer locker lock / key on each desk in your room. Also there are two portable small tables for you to study in the living room. Of course there are cabinets for you to use and we have the cooking privileges so that you can stay private life as needed. You have a room key & there certainly isn't any curfew and Apartment Amenities include 24-hour front desk concierge. Let us suggest some happening places you might want to check out. We are awesome host material =).

Since your comfortable vacation is top priority to us, we don't get many visitors; we prefer to stay with you more pleasant atmosphere of calm and restfulness so you can use our house as a private place.

* University:(Time / Distance)Bus & Subway
* Sookmyung University (17 minutes/1.5 km) Bus Nr.04 etc. *Line Nr.4 (1stop)
* Ewha University (30 minutes/4 km) Bus Nr.163 etc. *Line Nr.2 (2stop)
* Sogang University (20 minutes/4 km) Bus Nr.604 etc. *Line Nr.2 (3stop)
* Yonsei University (30 minutes/5 km) Bus Nr.163 etc. *Line Nr.2 (3stop)
* Hongik University (30 minutes/6 km) Bus Nr.7011 etc. *Line Nr.2 (4stop)

There are various shops, restaurants and large discount store within walking distance (Lotte Wholesale at Seoul station, Lotte Department Store and Nanta theatre etc.) You can buy basic stuff at a convenient store on the first floor of an apartment complex.
The several public transportation hubs are located (Subway Line Nr 1, 2, 4, 5, International Airport Railroad, Hub bus stop and Train station to anywhere Korea). It has very easy access to major places in Seoul and close to many universities as below:

Two person household have one guest room for female to share with a visitor who wants to be downtown Seoul. One of the great thing about us is we don't hover. My husband works late all the time and I do not come home early during working day so we are going for bike ride on weekends or anytime you want=) Plus I will become a Korean language teacher so I'd be delighted to study with you. Therefore you can ask us what you need to clarify things in regards to your lesson at night.

[ Services ]
- 24-hour Concierge
- Safe Deposit Boxes
- High Speed Wired and Wireless Internet Access, Korean TV channels online

Sophie Choi
Mobile:(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)(Local), (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) (International)

Guest Access

房子是開放式廚房,1廁,2房(房東房客各佔1間)客廳有落地大玻璃窗,景觀開揚,黃昏日落的景觀可媲美南山!!! 房間有2張單人床(半高架的,床下可放大量行李),2張書檯,1組超大衣櫃,同樣有落地大玻璃窗,空間感充足!

Interaction with Guests


Getting Around

The several public transportation hubs are located (Subway Line Nr 1, 2, 4, 5, International Airport Railroad, Hub bus stop and Train station to anywhere Korea). It has very easy access to major places in Seoul and close to many universities as below:

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House Rules

Homestay Agreement (Additional Conditions)

임대인, The Choi's place(이하 ‘갑'이라 한다.) 임차인, Miss. Jane Lee (이하 ‘을'이라 한다)는 본 계약, ‘부동산사용계약서'와 관련하여 다음과 같이 부동산사용계약(특약)을 체결한다.
This is an agreement (hereinafter Agreement) for the additional conditions to the letting of furnished dwelling accommodation between the Choi's place (hereinafter Agent) and the Guest of the premises (hereinafter Guest).

Payment Date: The first date of the term (A Month is consisted of 30 days units.)
Basic Pricing(cash in hand): 600,000 krw / Monthly (Per 1 guest)

제1조[본 계약의 목적] / Purpose of this Agreement
1. ‘갑'이 ‘을'에게 요구하는 특약의 사항과 목적은 다음과 같다.
The Agent proposes the additional conditions for the following purposes.
(1) 부동산의 적정 용도 사용 및 시설 관리.
To utilize the premises and manage the facilities in the best way possible.
(2) 무 분별한 에너지 자원 낭비 방지. To prevent unnecessary waste of energy.
(3) 타 임차인과의 마찰 방지와 임차인들의 재산권 보호. To prevent conflicts between the Guests and better preserve their property rights.
(4) 부동산 소유주와 The Choi's place의 재산권 보호. To preserve the property rights of the owner of the premises and the Agent.

제2조[시설 사용에 대한 규칙] / Rules regarding the use of the facilities
1.‘을'은 해당 부동산을 사용하면서 다음의 규칙을 항시 준수한다.
By leasing the premises the Guest agrees to conform to the following conditions.
1. 홈스테이 사용료는 매월 첫날 현금 지급을 원칙으로 합니다.
The payment of the rent is made on the first day of the commencement of the lease.

2. 주방사용은 가능하지만, 아침식사, 점심식사와 저녁식사는 제공하지 않습니다.
The cooking privileges. Meal is not served. Please make sure that Breakfast is not included.

3. 실내에서는 무조건 금연 입니다.
Smoking is strictly prohibited in all living quarters inside the house.

4. 핸드폰은 임대 가능합니다. 충전은 본인이 합니다.
We can lend guest a smart phone. The recharge is on the guest.

5. 방 열쇠를 잃어 버렸을 경우 본 사의 직원에게 일 만원을 지불 하고 새 열쇠를 받습니다. 절대 타 임차인에게 열쇠를 빌려 임의대로 복사하지 않습니다. 만약 방 열쇠를 잃어 버린 경우, 새로운 방 열쇠를 만드는 데 해당하는 비용 일체를 부담합니다.
In case the Guest loses the key to the room, he/she shall notify the Agent and receive a new key for \(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) Korean won). The Guest shall not borrow his/her key to other Guests and/or make copies of the key under any circumstances. In case the Guest loses his/her room key, the Guest shall bear the responsibility for all charges for making a new key.

6. 창문이나 대문은 닫아주시고, 안 쓰는 전등은 모두가 솔선 수범하여 꺼주시기 바랍니다. 에너지 절약은 지구의 환경과 관리비 절약을 위해서 꼭 필요합니다.
The Guest is expected to close the windows and the front gate when going out and turn off any lights that are not currently needed on his/her own initiative. Saving energy is necessary both for the protection of the environment and for the reducing of maintenance charges.

7. 타 임차인의 방은 허락 없이 출입하지 않습니다.
The Guest agrees not to enter host room without permission.

8. 개인의 재산에 대해서는 당사자가 직접 관리합니다. 개인 공간에 있던 물건 또는 공동 공간에 있던 중 분실한 물건에 대해서는 본 사가 책임지지 않습니다.
The Guest shall be responsible for his/her belongings. The Guest agrees not to charge the Agent with responsibility in case his or her belongings are missing or get damaged.

9. 공동 사용 공간에 있는 비품 또는 가재 도구를 임의로 개인 공간에 보관하지 않습니다. 본 사 또는 타 임차인 소유의 물품을 허락 없이 개인 공간에 보관하였을 경우, 만약 소유의 목적이 있다고 의심되면 형법, 민법 상의 책임을 감수해야 합니다.
The fixtures and furniture in the common quarters shall not be taken to the Guest's personal premises without consideration. If the Guest is found to be in possession of objects property of other Guests or the Agent without having received permission to use them, he/she shall bear responsibility under the criminal and civil law of the Republic of Korea.

10. 휴지, 쓰레기 종량제 봉투 등의 공동 일용품은 개인 공간으로 가져가지 않습니다.
The Guest agrees not to take common commodities, such as toilet paper, disposal bags, etc. to his/her personal premises.

11. 공동 비품을 사용한 후, 깨끗하게 정리하여 원래 위치에 놓습니다.
After using the common appliances, the Guest agrees to put them back in the order he/she found them.

12. 공용 식기를 사용한 후, 반드시 설거지를 완료 후 물기를 닦아 제자리에 둡니다.
The Guest agrees to wash the common kitchen utensils, dry them up and put them in their place after using them.

13. 본인의 귀책 사유로 인한 화재나 그로 인한 손실에 대해서는 당사자가 배상해야 합니다.
The Guest agrees to compensate fire loss, damage and serious contamination resulting from what she does.

14. 거실 또는 부엌에서 식사나 파티를 한 경우 뒷정리는 깔끔하게 합니다.
The Guest agrees to clean and put in order the kitchen and the living rooms after dining there or after having a party.

15. 본인이 사용 중에 화장실의 배수구 또는 변기가 막혔을 경우 최대한 당사자가 해결을 하고, 만약 문제가 지속될 경우 관리인에게 통보합니다.
If the sink or toilet gets clogged during use and the Guest is unable to handle the situation him/herself, he/she shall notify the house-keeper.

16. 쓰레기는 본 사가 지정한 공간에만 버릴 수 있습니다. 임의로 공동 공간에 쓰레기를 모아 두시면 안됩니다.
또한 본 사는 엄격하게 ‘쓰레기 종량제'를 실시하고 있습니다. 재활용이 가능한 쓰레기의 경우, 본 사가 지정한 장소에서 확실히 분리 배출 해주시기 바랍니다. 한국에서는 ‘쓰레기 종량제'를 위반할 경우 최대 일 백만 원의 벌금이 책정되어 있습니다. 적발 될 경우 해당 임차인이 책임을 지시니 유의하시기 바랍니다.
Waste shall be disposed of only at the designated areas. Waste shall not be left in the common quarters.
The Agent adheres firmly to a waste reducing policy. Recyclable materials shall be sorted and placed in the designated containers. Korean law is very strict with regard to this policy and it imposes fines of as much as \(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) million Korean won) in cases of violation. Keep in mind that if a violation is proven, the person responsible shall bear all the charges.

17. 택배의 경우 수령자가 본인이 아니면 반송되는 경우가 있습니다. 또한 잦은 택배 기사의 방문은 타 임차인의 휴식을 방해할 수 있습니다. 본 인이 수령하기 어려울 경우, 근처 편의점 택배를 이용하시거나, 수령 전일에 타 임차인에게 정중히 부탁하시기 바랍니다.
When using delivery service, there are cases when the package is returned if the addressee in not present. In addition, frequent visits by a delivery person may cause discomfort to other Guests. If the Guest has difficulty receiving deliveries in person, he/she may use the “convenience store delivery" option or, if appropriate, ask other Guests to receive them one day in advance.

18. 예약변경이 있을 경우 2주전에 미리 알려주어야 합니다. 그렇지 않으면 지불금액의 50%를 환불 받을 수 없습니다.
- The payment of the rent is made on the first day of the commencement of the lease.
- The notice period required is 2weeks before you depart. (This agreement based on 1 month/unit)
- If it is not, 50% refund of your payment for remainder of your staying will be required.

Phone of the Agent: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)
Designation: The Choi's place (인) / (Signature)

E-mail(URL HIDDEN) (인) / (Signature)

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30 nights minimum stay
Private Room Seoul

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