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FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN - Compact, but with all the comforts of home.
FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN - Compact, but with all the comforts of home.
  • SCENIC FALLS - This is our back yard. For real. I wouldn't kid you!
  • BIG WILSON CAMP gets its name from the scenic waterfall it faces. Leave the windows ajar at night and let the sound of rushing whitewater lull you to sleep!
  • STEPPED FALLS  - The second set of stepped waterfalls on Big Wilson Stream, immediately adjacent to, and visible from, our cabin.
  • AUTUMN STREAM - The view from our fire pit.
  • GREAT ROOM - Big Wilson Camp has a large great room with a wood stove, cathedral ceilings and  comfy north woods decor.
  • LOFT VIEW - The sleeping loft is suitable for up to four kids. There are two bedrooms on the main floor that sleep up to four adults.
  • FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN - Compact, but with all the comforts of home.
  • MASTER BEDROOM with north woods decor and a huge topo map to plan out your daily hikes.
  • FIRE PIT AND BARBECUE - One of two spots along the river where you can gather to roast marshmallows.
  • NEW FIRE PIT - We've recently added a second fire pit facing the water. This one has easy access for the mobility impaired.
  • LEDGE JUMPING - Across the river from our cabin is this favorite swimming hole, with slate outcroppings for jumping into the water. The pool is about 50-feet around and 10-feet deep at the center. Diving is not recommended. Parental supervision is recomme
  • BWC in the Fall
  • NATURAL JACUZZI - A young swimmer lets Big Wilson Falls give him a natural massage.
  • TUBING - One of our favorite pastimes on Big Wilson Stream - inner-tubing and kayaking. Be careful! Tobey Falls is a few miles downstream, and it's a section you'll want to portage around.
  • BORESTONE VIEWS - Lake Onawa from atop Borestone Mountain - a 90 minute climb from our cabin.
  • BORESTONE MOUNTAIN and Lake Onawa, as viewed from the Barren Slides on the Appalachian Trail. This view is about a three-hour hike from our cabin.
  • MOOSE SIGHTINGS - We spotted this big boy on Elliotsville Road, only about a mile from our cabin.
  • LITTLE WILSON LOWER FALLS and swimming hole, a 10-minute hike from camp.
  • LITTLE WILSON FALLS - A 30-minute hike from the cabin, this is the highest waterfall on the Appalachian Trail.
  • MIDDLE EARTH - Where are the hobbits? This is one of our favorite stretches of Little Wilson Stream, about 20 minutes from camp.
  • WHITEWATER, a few hundred yards upstream from our cabin.
  • BORESTONE VIEWS - Another peek from the peak.
  • BORESTONE MOUNTAIN - A must see. This Audubon sanctuary has 360-degree views and is walking distance from the cabin.
  • BARREN SLIDE on the Appalachian Trail, overlooks Lake Onawa.
  • ONAWA TRESSLE - You're really not supposed to climb out here, but we are occasionally naughty.
  • MOTTLED SHADE - The cabin is nestled into the Maine wilderness. There are no neighbors except some seasonal camps across the river and one a quarter mile up the road.
  • SUNSET at Big Wilson Camp.
  • FISHING - Spring runoff on Big Wilson Falls is a good time to catch brookies and salmon.
  • PLAYBOATING - If you're a kayaker, and you come during spring runoff, this is the kind of fun you can expect.
  • SPRING RUNOFF - The river shows off her might during May snowmelt.
  • TOPO VACINITY MAP with Big Wilson Camp indicated to the lower left.
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FULLY EQUIPPED KITCHEN - Compact, but with all the comforts of home.