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Dancing Bear Guest House - it's own little haven.
Dancing Bear Guest House - it's own little haven.
  • Dancing Bear Guest House - it's own little haven.
  • Rearview of cottage with 2nd entrance. View of trail down to the river. Bridge leads to park area.
  • Entrance on private deck.
  • The guesthouse deck.
  • The cottage's deck overlooks a creek & when the water is high, a small waterfall.
  • The sofa bed in the living room, a cozy spot.
  • The living room looks out over the grounds & the pavilion. No neighbors in sight.
  • The back door leads directly to the grounds. Follow the path to the Salmon River.
  • Propane stove keeps it toasty.
  • The bedroom is behind the wall.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • Queen bed with high quality sheets. Choice of pillows. Terry robes. Extra blankets.
  • Bathroom
  • Shower
  • Plenty of parking for one or more cars. The cottage is on the left with guest's car parked outside. Our house on the right, with the 2 cars parked in front.
  • Summer cottage
  • The back of the guesthouse has a separate entrance that leads directly to the park area, and down to the trail to the Salmon River. Walking sticks for your forest walk!
  • The cottage from the deer's point of view.
  • The duck pond below the cottage.
  • Past the duck pond is the lower lawn and babbling creek. Nice place to sit.
  • Walk across the creek onto our trail to the Salmon River.
  • It's a short walk on the trail to the river.
  • The view from our side of the Salmon River.
  • Walking back from the river, the view is of the back of the main house (left), and the cottage (right).
  • Other guests on the property.
  • The bridge behind the cottage leads to the park area.
  • Follow the bridge from the cottage out to the pavilion. Gravel paths circle around, making a nice walk for meditation or with morning coffee. October 2018.
  • A view of the park area, and more walking paths. Summer 2018.
  • The park area is large enough to play and run around. Right now autumn is putting on a show for us.
  • Winter wonderland.
  • Our big trees all frosted after a storm.
  • The cottage in snow.
  • The duck pond in snow.
  • Dancing Bear Cottage
  • outdoor fireplace
  • Nice collaboration of trees and hammock.
  • Plenty of places to walk & hike & explore.
  • The guest house in the summer is graced with hollyhocks and peonies. The gate between our house & the cottage leads to the grounds.
  • Welcome to our piece of heaven.
  • Enjoy.
  • Dancing Bear Cottage
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Dancing Bear Guest House - it's own little haven.