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Bright room with south-facing windows.
Bright room with south-facing windows.
  • Bright room with south-facing windows.
  • All the necessities and still plenty of room to turn around.
  • Easy chair, luggage rack, ottoman, and plenty of guidebooks.
  • This is Sierra, a well-behaved boy cat who I'm fostering for a few months while his "dad" is on an extended trip.
  • Coffee table, soft rug and a vintage globe.
  • The guestroom with desk, easy chair, bed and television.
  • View of the guestroom at the end of the hall from the front living room.
  • Bright room with south-facing windows.
  • Sierra likes to take naps.
  • Cozy bed and nice desk with comfortable chair
  • The front living room looking toward the windows.
  • Sierra napping yet again.
  • Area map, with CTA transit lines and my location relative to the Loop
  • Looking from the living room to the entryway. The big map is now above where the table is in this photo.
  • Bathroom with shiny new tile walls
  • The bathroom, featuring vanity lighting for the mirror.
  • Sleepy-head kitty just wants to know why I'm making him model!
  • The stove and espresso machine in the kitchen.
  • Close-ups for the aspiring barristas out there.  I have beans and a burr grinder, too.
  • The entryway.
  • This is the big map I maintain showing where I've traveled (black arrows) and where my guests have hailed from (any other colored arrow).  Book now to add your own arrow!
  • Wifi speed - my wired downstream internet is gigabit, but I do not have wired into the guestroom.  Nonetheless, I try to keep the wireless running pretty fast, as you can see.  Hopefully half of gigabit speeds are suitable for your Wifi needs.  The upload speed is capped by my provider at 25mbps, which is still pretty quick for uploads.
  • Wired internet speed.
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Bright room with south-facing windows.