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Apartment Ćuće
Apartment Ćuće
  • Apartment Ćuće
  • House where the apartment is located.
  • View from the garage.
  • Apartment category designation.
  • Two out of three beds in the apartment that could also be used as a queen-size bed.
  • Bedroom.
  • View from the bedroom window.
  • Kitchen and utilities that are available to our guests.
  • Dining table.
  • TV and the window that has a view of the garage. It is in the same room as the kitchen and dining table.
  • In our apartment, you can find prospects of various locations that you can visit on your stay but also you can find our house rules and Wi-Fi password.
  • Extra folding bed.
  • Bathroom in which you can also find a washing machine.
  • Toilet and shower.
  • Garage and entrance to the apartment.
  • Bedroom window and outdoor climate unit.
  • You can also enjoy a cup of coffee or tea in front of the house on a bench near the water.
  • Vlaška bay.
  • Nearby park where you can also take a swim. Here you can also find monument to our ancestors.
  • View from the top of hill Trovro. From here you can see the whole village and the Neretva delta.
  • Neretva delta that is just 10 minute drive from our apartment.
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Apartment Ćuće