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One of two deluxe rooms
One of two deluxe rooms
  • Pool, cafe, floating bed, guest rooms, and rooftop bar
  • A view of the Indian Ocean (and the rear of our structure in the foreground)
  • One of two deluxe rooms
  • Each deluxe room has a large private bathroom, a wardrobe, a safe, a TV, and a writing desk with a chair (chair not in photo)
  • Deluxe bathroom, sink and mural view
  • Deluxe bathroom, shower view
  • Our private road, a view of the rooftop bar, and the swimming pool. On the right side are four available loft rooms. On the left is the host’s apartment, as well as two available deluxe rooms.
  • Our gate
  • Entrance to your room, plus a floating bed, a pool, and a cafe
  • Floating bed
  • A relaxed view
  • Rooftop bar. Enjoy the breeze off of the Indian Ocean
  • The host’s living room, where you receive a welcome drink and your room key
  • The host’s kitchen and dining room, where authentic Indonesian cooking classes are held
  • A closeup of the rooftop bar, as well as a future covered arboretum yoga/event space.
  • As you leave our place you can cross the road and begin a lovely walk across the rice fields. You’ll pass a small forest and stream, circling back to the main road. A most refreshing little journey. Or make a left and walk 800 meters to the beach.
  • View of the rooftop bar from the yoga deck. Indian Ocean 800 meters away
  • Koi pond
  • My homemade noodles. Care to take my Indonesian cooking class?
  • Ohana Retreat Bali - Deluxe Room close to beach
  • Ohana Retreat Bali - Deluxe Room close to beach
  • Relax next to the koi pond on one of the pool chaise chairs
  • Evening pool view
  • These twins were such a delight.
  • Early morning sunshine. What else can you ask for?
  • Along the walking trail that begins across the road from our hotel.
  • Each day along the walking trail comes with new surprises.
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One of two deluxe rooms