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The fireplace in the library.
The fireplace in the library.
  • Littleisland Lighthouse - Litløy Fyr:  PURPLE ROOM
  • Northern lights over the lighthouse tower. These Auroras can be seen from October until March.
  • Our small and cosy library. Perfect place to relax and read.
  • Winter scenery with the lighthouse keepers' house and the lighthouse tower.
  • This is another room in the lighthouse keepers' house. Here there is one double bed 160 cm large.
  • Winter scenery toward the neighboring inhabited island.
  • Northern lights in March
  • The boat which transports you to and from the lighthouse island. We have floating suits and safety vests.
  • We use candles quite a lot. Here from the library.
  • The fireplace in the library.
  • Bench and lots of shelves to put your things and settle in.
  • Candles in the lighthouse tower. View towards the open sea and the Lofoten islands.
  • This is Litløya island. Littleisland in English. The lighthouse can barely be seen as a tiny dot to the right. The Lofoten mountains in the background.
  • Summertime you can often eat your meals outdoor, where we have tables and benches - and a wonderful view to the sea and the Lofoten Islands.
  • Lighthouse tower at Litløy fyr - Littleisland Lighthouse. View to the Atlantic Ocean and the Lofoten mountains.
  • One of our two kayaks which you paddle if you have some experience kayaking. Here at the beach of the inhabited neighboring island.
  • Walk to the top of the neighboring island.
  • Inspired talks by the window
  • August light over the lighthouse tower
  • The dining table by the window
  • The long table in the dining room has space for eight persons.
  • The view from the lighthousekeepers' house is constantly changing, depending on the weather.
  • Spring view to one of our neighboring islands
  • View from a walk around the island on a grey day.
  • The sea on a stormy day
  • The lighthouse premises seen from the sea.
  • The boat is kept safe in all weather, thanks to the boat lift.
  • Winter view to the Lofoten mountains.
  • The boat ride from Vinje in Bø in Vesterålen to Litløya - Littleisland takes around 15 minutes, depending on the weather.
  • Enjoying the view from the lighthouse balcony
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The fireplace in the library.