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1913 Historic Craftsman
1913 Historic Craftsman
  • Relax in the spacious Franciscan Cellar (full-sized egress window behind blind)
A foot soak and massage for the weary traveler. (with Dr. Teal's Epsom salts)
  • 1913 Historic Craftsman
  • Designated street parking on Florida Street
  • Entrance through garden gate and back door (entrance only shared with guest staying in Pilgrim's Couch also located in finished basement
  • Back door entrance. 24-7 check-in available with lock box on wall.
  • Down the stairs to the Franciscan Cellar (first room on the right)
  • Full sized bed , towels, welcome platter, and local weeklies are standard. For those leaving early to catch a flight, I can have coffee brewer prepared for you.
  • A captain's chair to relax in when reading or working on your mini-pad. Triple dresser draw for those travelers needing extra storage. A personalized note to welcome each new guest.
  • View from egress window; lots of storage space
  • Extra storage space under stairs or for hanging suits or storing luggage
  • Sometimes referred to as the  Pilgrim's Couch, it is a great place to just lounge around. Notice the mini-refrigerator in the corner. it is always stocked with juices and milk. A new big screen TV with free Netflix now available to all guests.
  • A comfy bistro table for two to share a quiet, private breakfast  or work station for the travelling businessperson.
  • When guest and host schedules allow, breakfast is included. While the Pilgrim's breakfast is always available, advance reservations are requested for House Specialty menu items.
  • Newly finished full-size bath
  • Full bathroom with bath/shower reserved only for guests occupying the Franciscan Cellar (as of 6/3/19)
  • In addition, Elaine has filtered water and  some ready-to=eat cereals and oatmeal breakfasts items for your convenience.
  • The mini-kitchen area includes a microwave and small counter oven with disposal plates, dishes, cups, and utensils. There is no dedicated kitchen sink in the basement. Washing of pots is available with permission in the upstairs kitchen.
  • For the creative culinary guest, an induction cooker is available for your use.
  • If travelling with a third person in your group, the couch can be outfitted with an additional foam cushion and serve as a third sleeping place -- thus its moniker -- the Pilgrim's Couch.
  • Grill to your heart's content under a covered porch.  Made in the shade!
  • Calm, quiet, and peaceful.  A quiet oasis for a guest seeking rest and relaxation after a long drive.
  • Something is always blooming from March through August.
  • Great for those signing in late or would enjoy a late night BBQ dinner.
  • How often do we delightfully find that we are "Heading Nowhere Fast" Original watercolor $150
  • View of the On Sacred Grounds Library as listed on Amazon.
  • A little bit about the artist...
  • Titles include many out-of-print books.
  • The Arroyo, oils $250
  • South Hill Sky, oils  $100
  • The Majestic Tetons, $75
  • Heart of the Palouse, oils  $100
  • Through the old back gate to new adventures $100
  • Cajon Pass, oils $295
  • End of a perfect day, $100
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1913 Historic Craftsman